Who created the first pretzel?

Many believe it was created in 610 A.D. by an Italian monk who wanted to reward children for saying their prayers. It derives to the word “pretiolas” which means little rewards. There have been different variations of this story with different monks from other countries. They are now mostly attributed to both America and Germany and quite popular around Oktoberfest.

Wake and Cake: Eat cake for breakfast

According to Loblaws eating cake in the morning will be a new trend in 2018. Their reasoning is quite simple, eat cake in the morning and work it off in the entire day. They are not saying you should eat cake each day. It would be better to eat it in the morning so that your body has the whole day to work it off as opposed when you eat cake before going to bed. The occasional indulgence should not do any harm. So get ready to wake and cake, this will a term you will be hearing a bit more often in the following months.

“Cake always tastes best first thing in the morning. Occasionally eating sweet treats in the morning, provides the body more time to work off the indulgence, and less reason to feel guilty.”