Afroditi Bakery

The 46 year-old cornerstone Afroditi Bakery arrives to the West Island!

The family run business Afroditi Bakery that has been serving its community with high-quality traditional Greek and French pastries since 1971, has now come to serve the West Island.

National Cookie Day

It is National Cookie Day: Félix & Norton and Foodora join the excitement.

Did you know that it December 4 is National Cookie Day? I was never aware such a day even existed.

So in Montreal when we talk cookies, which one comes to mind? If you said Félix & Norton step to the front of the class. Launched way back in 1985 with one delicious cookie, the owners set out to make the very best homemade cookies anyone’s ever tasted. Their single shop on the corner grew into a chain of 45 specialty, destination stores that changed the way people enjoyed cookies forever. Félix & Norton became a chosen gift. Next came cookie gifts such as the Cookie Bouquet and the Cookie Magnummmm (a champagne bottle designed to hold 24 cookies). In 2008 a custom built and environmentally friendly, solar and propane powered food truck was introduced to bring delicious fun to the streets of Montreal. In 2010, ready-to-bake cookie dough enabled people to enjoy this gourmet cookie experience fresh and warm, straight from their own home ovens. You can find them in the frozen sections of IGA, Metro and Provigo. Freshly baked cookies are also available at retail outlets throughout the city. Just check their website for locations.

Hudson’s Auberge Willow Inn

Hudson’s Auberge Willow Inn officially opens under new ownership with a new chef, menu and renovated gastro-pub. The Auberge Willow Inn has opened its gastro-pub under new owners, Montreal husband-wife duo David Ades and Patricia Wenzel. First built in 1820, the historic waterfront destination is an institution in Hudson and attracts visitors from around the…