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Afroditi Bakery

The 46 year-old cornerstone Afroditi Bakery arrives to the West Island!

The family run business Afroditi Bakery that has been serving its community with high-quality traditional Greek and French pastries since 1971, has now come to serve the West Island.

The newest addition, Afroditi Sources opens its doors right on time for the Holidays! Whether a host or a guest, West Islanders can now pick up unique and delicious deserts and gift baskets during the festive season. They can even enjoy their delicious goods on the spot, like their famous baklava or homemade spanakopita, all while sipping on a nice warm cappuccino. Afroditi Sources is the latest hot spot in the West Island!

The Karagiannidis family first opened the bakery in the 70s in Park Extension. Greece is known for their famous bakeries and the Karagiannidis family had a mission to bring that uniqueness to Montreal.  A state of the art bakery built with love and beauty. Mission accomplished! 40 years later, passing it on to the next generation, Afroditi Bakery is still growing strong. Vasilios Karagiannidis with head pastry chef Christos Hatzimarkos, continue to serve the speciality goods of high end traditional Greek pastries, fresh breads and baked goods, while adding their own twist of new trending items.  From their décor and furniture to their baking equipment, nearly everything is imported from Greece. They wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Karagiannidis family would like to express their sincere appreciation and thank their customers for their years of loyalty, and invites West Islanders to Afroditi Sources for a delightful and tasteful experience!

For information please contact: Peggy Vrettis . . 514-246-7349