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Take-Out Talk

Tony Medeiros and his family order fresh meals from Beurre et Baguette

    Joseph Mantagaris is a globe-trotting chef who has garnished many years of experience in many countries.  At the age of sixteen, he started as a cook’s helper and has not looked back. He has cooked for celebrities. His wealth of cooking knowledge from every continent brought him back home to create a few restaurants in Montreal.  His passion now is with Beurre and Baguette. Your mouth will discover the plates he created from his travels. The ever-changing online menu has something for everybody.  You will find standards such as pizzas, kid corner meals for picky eaters, pasta meals, a variety of sushi, poke bowls and a wealth of salads. The menu keeps changing each day.

    Moe’s Bar & Grill West Island continues to achieve success three decades later

      For more years than I can remember I would drive to Pointe Claire just to enjoy a good smoked meat sandwich or some breakfast at Moe’s Bar & Grill. The menu had so many tempting items, I always tempted to return. On my way home from Ottawa recently I decided to make a pit stop and call in a large order that I could enjoy over a couple of days. When I arrived, longtime owner Johnny Cripotos was there to greet me.

      Tony Medeiros gets a tasting as Arahova opens its brand-new Pointe Claire location

      The 10th Arahova location in the Greater Montreal officially opened in Pointe Claire on January 8, 2022, at the Sources Mega Centre near Brunswick Avenue and next to Les 3 Brasseurs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Quebec government regulations closing dining rooms, the Kalogrias family decided not to delay the debut and welcome customers for take-out and delivery.

      It was 2015 and surrounded by fast-food chains and signs that said A LOUER in N.D.G., Jonathan Dresner decided that an upscale burger restaurant was missing.

      “Not just any classic burger joint though,” Dresner recalled. “We set out to create a fun, intimate restaurant which would immediately become an integral part of the neighborhood, and a destination for tourists and people from all over Greater Montreal.”

      The appropriately dubbed Notre Boeuf De Grâce ( was an instant success and expansion happened quickly today there are nine locations (NDG, Downtown, St. Laurent, Pointe-Claire, Laval, Terrebonne, Le Village, Le Plateau and Saint-Jérôme) and one more in Blainville on the way later this summer.

      Notre Boeuf De Grâce locations grind top-quality fresh beef daily on-site and sometimes twice a day. They order local ingredients and make almost everything in-house, from fresh-cut French fries, homemade sauces, house sodas, shakes, house beer and their handcrafted, signature cocktails. 

      Dresner also owns the Pigeon Expresso Bar downtown, the trendy new Pigeon Café on Monkland in NDG and is part of the groups which operate the plant-based restaurant and bars called Hello 123 and Kupfert & Kim and the new vegan burger shop Burger Fiancé in Old Montreal.   

      Like all other restaurants in Quebec, Notre Boeuf De Grâce has had to focus on take-out and delivery almost exclusively for more than the past year. There is also weekend brunch from 9 am to 3 pm, with some of the items from that menu available each day.

      There are variety of salads to choose from via the “In the Beginning” portion of the menu, as well as such items as chicken wings, bacon wrapped dates, potato skins, fried pickles, fried cheese curds, grilled asparagus and fried calamari with lemon aioli. I sampled the latter at my last pickup and it was outstanding.

      “The Other Side” of the menu contains barbeque ribs, mac ‘n cheese with ribs, hamburger steak, club sandwich, fried chicken strips,  chicken Caesar wraps, fish ‘n chips, grilled cheese, the veggie dog and the  DG (Dame Good) Dog – a Hebrew National all-beef hot dog with bacon, onion, fried banana peppers, ketchup and mustard, served with fries and a pickle. I can vouch for the latter, which was also included on our list.

      There are different variations of sides and poutines to choose from as well.

      Of course, if you are going to experience Notre Boeuf De Grâce then their burger creations represent the big draw.  I ordered the Cheese-US. This was outstanding and took me two days to eat. It consists of two six-ounce beef patties, bacon, grilled cheese buns, cheddar and American cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion and ketchup sandwiched between two pieces of Challah – so basically a mega-grilled cheese sandwich with all the fixings. You can also ask for a special bun or a lettuce wrap.

      Dresner introduced the Burger of the Month a few years ago, created by a local hero. They also have veggie chicken and salmon burgers and a Phillie cheesesteak sub.

      Do not forget the desserts. I had a delicious piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the side. To find the Notre Boeuf De Grace location closest to you go to

      Mike Cohen samples some selections from Pizzéria No. 900 Napolitaine

        One of the truly growing pizza chains in Quebec is Pizzéria No. 900 Napolitaine. There are now 25 locales across the province and if you are making a pickup you will not have long to wait as the pizzas are cooked in their special ovens in a remarkable 90 seconds. The oven is at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, hence the name of the chain.

        Glenn J. Nashen discovers more than a good dinner at Casa Grecque in Chomedey

          I was looking for a tasty, family-friendly take-out dinner and Casa Grecque in Chomedey was my next pick. My family and I love plentiful Greek salads and tangy appetizers, particularly during long, cold Quebec winters when delicious, plump red tomatoes are not in abundance. What I found at this spacious, well-decorated restaurant in Chomedey at the corner of St. Martin Blvd. and Daniel-Johnson Blvd. was far more than I could have imagined.

          Mike Cohen treats himself to a few days of lunch from NDG’s Pasta Casarecchia

            I have been a fan of Pasta Casareccia on Sherbrooke Street West in NDG for many years. The restaurant’s name is Italian for ‘homemade pasta. What originally started out as making their own pasta, grew into distribution to many restaurants in the greater metropolitan area and availability of over 50 different kinds of pasta in their gourmet boutique for you to cook at home.

            Cavallaro St-Jean has been in business for 12 years. Matthew Blanchette and his business partner took over in late 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two knew they had a tough road ahead of them, but both were ready for the challenge. Cavallaro is your one-stop shopping for European products such as pasta, tomato sauce, cookies and rare to find products at your local grocery store, priding themselves in finding the perfect gastronomic experience of imported products. They also believe in selling the freshest local products for their clients.

            In 1981 Giuseppe Cavallaro started with just a humble storefront. Back then, life was a little different. The milkman delivered your milk daily and we bought groceries from people we knew on a first-name basis. Today, we still believe in those same values. 

            If you had a busy day at work, Cavallaro St-Jean is ideal when going home to feed yourself and your family. It is a quick stop, with plenty of parking and no hassles. You are in and out in a flash.

            Cavallaro St-Jean has a variety of deli meats (salami, porchetta, smoked turkey, mortadella, capocolli, pepperoni, and other meats) to make succulent sandwiches at home. Of course, you will need cheese and boy do they have a big choice there. You can buy fresh bread, rolls, and baguettes to accompany those sandwiches. If you are not feeling it, they have a few sandwich choices for you made on the spot. The fridges are loaded with a variety of standard soft drinks and carbonated health alternatives to down your sandwich.

            Matthew was very gracious in offering some food for take-out. I picked the ready to heat lasagna to bring home. It was a generous portion of meatballs and tomato sauce enveloped in tender lasagna pasta. I enjoyed the baguette they offered to me. I noticed behind the glassed counter they had an excellent pick of different salads: from chic pea salads, potato salad, taboulé, cold pasta salad to mixed olives. These side dishes are a great idea for your other meals at home.

            I picked a chicken breast sandwich with a house hot sauce for my wife. She enjoyed her sandwich. Her go-to sandwich is always the chicken type. Cavallaro St-Jean did not disappoint.

            The soups are to die for. On cold days you can bring home in-store classics such as creme of tomato, pasta e Fagioli, and potato & leak. Just warm up and enjoy with another person or keep for another day.

            If you are the type that likes to warm up food or want to add to your food creations, Cavallaro St-Jean has a frozen section of different foods that you can bring home that you can put in your oven and heat till ready. They have frozen pizza balls so that you can make pizza at home, but do not forget to buy the tomato paste, cheese, and pepperoni. 

            My wife and I tried the tomato pizza. You can eat just like that or add ingredients to it if you like or even warm it up. They have eight different pizzas to pick from. Below are the different types that they offer.

            • Pizza: Tomato, garlic and herbs, cheese, cheese & olives, meat, pepperoni, and vegetarian.
            • Sandwiches: Chicken pané, Philly steak, I love meat, Cubano, calzone spinach spiral and empanada.
            • Desserts: Cannoli, sfogliatelle, butter croissant, chocolate croissant, almond croissant, cream croissant, natas and chocolate cookies.

            Every restaurant has a pièce de resistance offering and Cavallaro St-Jean has theirs too. My eyes just popped when they brought out the cannoli nachos. Right in front of me was the most delicious dessert that my eyes did behold. Cannoli nachos are made of pretty much the same ingredients as cannoli filling. The ingredients include ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips. The cannoli are in a plastic dish container. It is surrounded by cannoli shell chips that are perfectly tender and flaky. All you do is scope the chocolate chip cannoli filling onto your shell chips. Please do not double-dip! Nobody likes a double dipper. Remember George Costanza from Seinfeld? 

            What goes better with cannoli nachos but coffee and they have plenty of this. You can grab a hot brew on your way to work or when you go for a walk. You must have one if you are going to buy a dessert there. There is nothing like the aroma of coffee to draw you in. I was so tempted to grab a coffee with my cannoli nachos. For the next Super-Bowl, I am grabbing a few cannoli nachos for my football party, assuming the pandemic is over by then.

            Matthew Blanchette and his business partner were busy when I was looking at the vast number of imported products. They were getting ready for Easter. You should order early for Easter; it is around the corner.

            Cavallaro St-Jean is a quaint little corner of Europe in the West Island without leaving Montreal. Not exactly a restaurant, but well equipped to feed your family each day with a little something different that is not found in your local grocery store. This has now become my little secret spot. I hope you will support them. They are very accommodating in bringing in new products and keeping them fresh. Matthew Blanchette relocated to the west-island community and wants you to enjoy what he has to offer you a great eating experience.

            If you are not able to go to Cavallaro St-Jean, you can use Uber Eats to get what you are looking for. You can contact them at or call at 514-675-1824. Conveniently located at 4701 Boulevard Saint-Jean, Dollard-des-Ormeaux. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

            One of the things I have really missed since the pandemic started is a good early morning breakfast at some of my favorite restaurant spots. Well, since I have become quite accustomed to the take-out route I jumped at the offer to drop by Petinos ( in the Sainte-Dorothée District of Laval for a pickup before reporting to work.

            There are 17 Petinos franchises in Quebec. Harry Sikellis owns the Laval, Charlemagne and Dollard des Ormeaux locations.  

            The Laval restaurant is open daily from 8 am to 3 pm, for breakfast and lunch pickup and delivery orders.  Charlemagne (near Terrebonne) and Dollard have the same hours, but are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

            Here is my advice: treat yourself to breakfast first. After getting my order I pulled my car over to a secluded spot, carefully set up my dining spot and slowly enjoyed my combo selection called The American—- two eggs over easy, a prime AAA 10-ounce sirloin steak, tomatoes, onion, pickles, home fries, baked beans, toast and coffee.

            Once I was there, I also ordered something to place in my fridge for lunch. The smoked salmon platter included a nice serving of smoked salmon, a bagel, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, onions, asparagus, sliced olives and lemon.  I added in a fruit cup.

            For dessert, I ordered the Montéregie, half waffle with English cream, nutella and oreo crumbles. Wow! It took me two days to finish this off.  Also held off for the next day was the Petinos Potatoes, mixed nicely with melted cheese.

            Harry bought the Laval spot, located in the Smart Centres Mall right off the highway, four years ago. Business was booming from the start and the crowds returned last summer when dining rooms were permitted to operate. Harry spent over $7,000 on plexi-glass dividers and other safety measures.  Laval has a loyal clientele and many of the regulars have adapted to take-out and delivery. Nonetheless, business is down 85 percent.

            Efi Thomas is Harry’s partner in Laval. “My background is in psychology, “she told me “However I always wanted to embark in a culinary adventure. My mother was a chef specializing in Greek cuisine. Her influence along with the fact that the long line-ups that sometimes prevented us from enjoying breakfast at our favourite brunch spot motivated us to jump on the opportunity when Petinos Laval went up for sale.  We have a customer centered philosophy. Yes the customer is always right; loved and appreciated. Our customers are our muse.

            “They inspire us to put love in every detail.  We put love in every plate. Our plates are created with only top-quality ingredients. Nothing is pre-made or frozen. We have no short cuts. The Petinos brand is expanding, but our plates will always remain wholesome ma and pa recipes. We have an amazing team that regardless of the hardships our industry is facing they never lost hope. We are all patiently waiting to see our customers once again return to enjoy their brunch, breakfast and lunch in our restaurant.”

            The Charlemagne location opened in February 2020, just before the lockdown. Harry and his partner there Alireza Jalilzadeh built the facility from scratch. Ditto for Dollard. There was a Petinos there a few years ago, but it closed own.  Harry and his son Mike brought it back and also built a new structure in a strip mall.

            As for the name Petinos, founder Ilias Vouras was inspired by the rooster that woke him up every morning in his hometown in Greece.  Yes, a rooster is called “Petino” in Greek. He then decided to name his restaurant on behalf of this early bird. A rooster’s high pitch wakeup call announces a beautiful great start to your day, Vouras reasoned.

            For over 20 years now, Petinos has been part of the Quebec restaurant scene. I am not sure why it took me so long to try it.

            There is a nice selection of combo plates, from The Mirage (two crepes and two  pieces of French toast with fresh fruits and coffee) to The Terrebonne (two eggs any style, pork pate, sausages, fresh fruits, home fries, baked beans, toast and coffee) and The Boisé (half waffle with two slices of cinnamon raisin French toast, fresh fruits and coffee). You can also enjoy omelets, eggs benedict, waffles, sandwiches, salads, yogurts and even hamburgers.

            Check out the Laval, Charlemagne and Dollard des Ormeaux locations in particular. I can vouch for their excellent customer service. One is situated at  540, Autoroute 13, Laval, QC H7X 3V5 and open from 8 am to 3 pm. Phone  (450) 689-5444 or order via UberEats, Door Dash and Skip The Dishes.   The other is  65 Rue Émile-Despins in Charlemagne.  Phone (450) 654-6866 or order via UberEats or Door Dash. Finally, Dollard is at 3520 Sources Blvd, Call (514) 685-1161 or order via UberEats, Door Dash and Skip The Dishes.

            Log on to  to see the full menu.

            With the family pretty much socially isolated from others since winter began, dinner take-out has become a fun and unifying family occasion. Additionally, our socially conscientious clan has become quite sensitive to the plight of local businesses and restaurants. We have made it a habit, during these quarantine times, to order-in from a variety of restaurants by proclaiming our Saturday nights as ‘Small Business Saturday’.

            As Laurentian weekenders, we have often sought out dinner options in the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts region. Having enjoyed the area for most of my life, I thought I had pretty much discovered nearly every restaurant from Sainte-Adele to Saint-Jovite. So in the middle of the pandemic, it was with some excitement when we noticed a new sushi place was opening at a recently constructed mini-mall at the intersection of highways 117 and 329 in Ste-Agathe. Since then we have been regulars at Yuzu Sushi.

            Our ‘support local business’ mantra worked nicely into the Yuzu story as we discovered that this was in fact a Quebec chain. Started in Quebec City in 2002, the restaurant chain has expanded to 140 locations across Quebec and New Brunswick and was recently acquired by the MTY Group. MTY clusters together many brands across Canada and the US that we are all familiar with from burgers and steaks to sushi, subs and steamies, from ice cream shops to corner cafés, and so much more. 

            True to their guiding principles of designing innovative culinary creations and frequently offering new menu items focused on quality and freshness, Yuzu Sushi grabbed our attention and we have been very impressed from our first visit.

            Jessyca Noel, Franchise-Owner, Yuzu Sushi, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts

            The local franchise in Ste-Agathe is owned and operated by Jessyca Noel. Jessyca has been involved in the restaurant industry for a number of years and possesses two professional diplomas attesting to her culinary skills. She worked at Sushi Shop franchises (coincidentally also owned by MTY Group) and eventually decided to invest in her own franchise opportunity with Yuzu Sushi. 

            Jessyca opened her current location in June 2020 and has had tremendous corporate support from the good folks at Yuzu. She began forming her team from scratch and extensive training took place for two weeks last summer. Presently Jessyca employs some 11 staff members from the immediate area. 

            “I have a great team. They are well trained and very organized,” Jessyca told me. What’s clear to me is that every time I’ve been at Jessyca’s Yuzu Sushi location, her staff are shoulder to shoulder, masked and gloved, working with military-like precision. What’s more, Jessyca and her staff are friendly, helpful and bilingual. 

            On a recent Saturday night we indulged in a wide-ranging selection from the impressive Yuzu Sushi menu. Right out of their bright orange boxes and reusable cloth bags, my wife Judy remarked how beautiful the selection looked. “The colours and textures are so lovely.”

            When you think of sushi, you probably think of miso soup and rolls. At Yuzu Sushi they offer a much larger variety and it all begins with their entrées. We ordered the Kanikama Tartare Nachos. They were crispy and overflowing with chunks of crab-flavoured pollock salad, jalapeno, onion, soybean and sesame with spicy mayo drizzle. Other nachos choices include salmon tartare, shrimp tartare and tuna tartare, in both starter and main course sizes.

            As well, we had the unique flavour of the Goma Wakame Seaweed Salad with sesame and a side order of Calamari Salad with ginger, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. We were definitely off to a good start. “I love seaweed salad and this is the best I’ve had in a long time,” my daughter, Nicole, said.

            Next we had the Shrimp Tempura which was covered in panko and so crispy and the Coco-Shrimp Poghomaki which had a wonderful coconut coating. Dipped in a spicy mayo both were plump and crunchy – we couldn’t choose a favourite so order both and you can decide for yourself!

            Moving onto the main courses, Yuzu’s fried sushi is another winning option. We settled on Judy’s favourite dish, the Kunsei Sesame, which includes five pieces of sesame seed coated rolls filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, then deep-fried. The end result is visually striking; don’t be intimidated by the spotted black exterior – take a bite and enjoy the absolutely delightful, warm and crunchy interior. 

            While I enjoy a little of everything, my family eats vegetarian and pescaratian options. We opted for the Eye of the Tiger, a vegetarian panko-fried roll with marinated tomato, mango-chipotle seasoning, carrot and asparagus, served with spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. “It’s an incredible taste, so unusual and unique,” said Nicole. “The Eye of the Tiger was the thrill of the night,” she sang out.

            Next up were spring rolls. While we’ve eaten from Yuzu Sushi several times, we had never ordered the spring rolls before but we certainly will from now on. Both the Smoked Kanikama and the Tuna were absolutely stuffed with fresh, colourful ingredients and although cut into two halves, each could easily be halved once again and shared among four at the table. My other daughter, Nathalie, said that this dish would make a tasty and filling lunch.

            We had plenty of the staple makis such as the popular California roll packed with crab-flavoured pollock salad as well as the Shrimp Tempura with avocado and sweet omelet. Yuzu Sushi allows you to substitute quinoa for rice in all rolls – just write your preferences in the comments section of your order.  

            But, what really sets Yuzu apart are incredible creations such as their Yuzumaki and Kyandi. The Yuzumakis have an internal roll as well as an external garnish – Yuzu certainly understands the mantra that you eat first with your eyes. 

            For example, I had the Cajun Chicken that featured fried chicken, cream cheese, avocado, clementine, green onion and mango chipotle seasoning on the inside and marinated tomato, teriyaki sauce and black sesame seeds on the outside. Dipped in spicy mayo, it was splendid. I also got the Coco Bongo Shrimp with shrimp salad, avocado, sweet omelet, cream cheese, coconut and masago inside and tuna, mango chipotle mayonnaise, soybean and coconut outside. A winning choice! And the presentation is quite lovely, topped with a single edamame like the jewel on a crown.

            Speaking of presentation, the Kyandi looks like, and even tastes a bit like, well, candy! The puffed-rice-rolled-exterior is the Rice Crispy Square of Sushi, my kids decided. We had the Tuna Crunch with cucumber and spicy mayonnaise on the inside and spicy tuna tartare, arare, goma sauce and green onion on the outside. Pure delight! On to the Midori with an interior filled with fried marinated tofu, teriyaki shiitake, green onion and exterior of marinated tomato and avocado. 

            Next up, Sushi-Pizza. “Mmmmm, it’s so good and crunchy,” Nicole yummed. You can choose from two different crusts – thin fried seaweed and traditional rice pattie. “And the shiitake mushroom, OMG!” The pizza topping is marinated tomato, teriyaki shiitake, soybean, jalapeno, sriracha hummus and sesame seeds. Another winning selection that everyone absolutely loved.

            My son, Jeremy, totally loves Yuzu’s Sushi-Club. “I could eat this everyday,” he exclaimed. We all indulged in all three choices of Spicy Salmon, Kanikama and Spicy Tuna. They all come with Yuzu rice embedded on panko-fried seaweed along with each of its namesakes: salmon, tuna and pollock. Cut in a triangular shape, stacked and assembled with a wooden skewer, it is the sushi version of a club sandwich. Everyone at the table agreed it was a winning choice. We dipped the crunchy wedges into two-coloured sauce – a mixture of mayo and teriyaki sweet sauce. Jeremy proclaimed this is the “best item on the Yuzu menu”! Nathalie added, “This is one of my favourite six dishes at Yuzu!” I would agree with my kids that the Yuzu Sushi-Club is a superb choice.

            The Nigiri was “elegant” according to my eleven-year-old restaurant-critic son. Indeed the salmon was plump, fresh and juicy, elegantly draped atop the sticky white rice.

            Jeremy loves wrapping up his Yuzu Sushi meals with one of their dessert choices, namely the Créme Brulé. “I love cracking through the crunchy top layer. The creme is so sweet and rich it helps wash down my whole meal,” my little epicurean chimed. While the Créme Brulé is a more traditional dessert, the Choco-Miso is a chocolate mousse mixed with miso paste creation (trust me, you have to experience it to understand). Each dessert is topped with a milk chocolate square sporting the Yuzu “Y”. We all grabbed a mini-spoon to get our share of the creamy ending of a thoroughly satisfying meal.

            “This was a wonderful meal from entrée to dessert and I appreciate that Jessyca is so accommodating with switching out rice for quinoa. A recurring theme is the crunchy texture. I also like the fact that they use recyclable containers and no styrofoam,” Nicole concluded. 

            Indeed, substitution was no problem at all. My crew loves quinoa more than rice which we switched out of several of our rolls.

            On previous visits we’ve tried the Poke Bowls of which Yuzu has many options. They also have a wide variety of tartare bowls if you are grabbing a lunch or eating alone.

            The Ste-Agathe location offers us and our up north country friends the convenience of proximity without the hassle of traffic or parking concerns. What’s more, it is easy to order on their user-friendly mobile app (Apple or Google Play) or website and pick up on our way to the chalet, either on the Friday commute or after our daytime activities, be it après ski or after a bike outing.

            “I have many regular customers each week,” Jessyca told me with great pride. “About half are permanent residents and half are weekenders. Fridays our business triples compared to weekdays! And we’re very busy each weekend,” she said. 

            Jessyca told me that while most customers order online and via the terrific Yuzu mobile app, some choose to walk in and either decide on the spot or head over to the counter or the refrigerated grab-and-go selection. Still others call in and ask for help in choosing from among a wide variety of appetizers like the very popular miso soup, salads including the top pick seaweed salad and spring rolls to, nigiris, makis, pokes and full ranging platters. Many customers are happy to go with the chefs choice and to discuss their allergy concerts which Jessyca and her staff will gladly work around to ensure a wonderful meal. There’s even a small area to eat in the restaurant once that’s allowed again.

            Fresh ingredients are delivered every week and all dishes are prepped on location (except for the decadent Choco-Miso and Crème Brulé desserts).

            While Kamikaze and California rolls are among the most popular choices, Yuzu offers promotions that you can find online. The Chef’s Choice is a big hit and available on Sundays. The platter is predetermined by the chef and offers 30 pieces for $30. Students get 15% off just for asking. Such a deal! Other hot dishes include the Yuzumakis and the puffed rice crunch. The menu is updated several times a year and Jessyca is one of a handful of franchise-owners who volunteers on the chain-wide menu committee.

            My family is very pleased that Yuzu Sushi has eco-friendly policies. We recycle or compost everything we don’t eat. They are also a member of the Ocean Wise program, ensuring that they offer environmentally responsible seafood choices.

            Yuzu Sushi Ste-Agathe is currently open six days a week and closed on Mondays. While regular hours are from 11:00AM to 8:00PM they are closing at 7:30PM during the current nightly curfew. They are located at 183 boul. Norbert-Morin in Ste-Agathe-des-Mont (a.k.a. Route 117) at the new Canadian Tire Gas Station at the intersection of Route 329. Phone 819-774-3433 or go online at and download their mobile app. Jessyca is dressed in Yuzu orange while her staff are all in black. Tell her Glenn sent you. We’re there so often maybe we’ll bump into you! I hope this review will help you in making your selection on your next order and be sure to share with your Up North friends.