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Scores Restaurants unveils new franchise training centre

Renowned for its famous Rotisserie chicken and delicious back ribs, the first Scores Rotisserie opened its doors in Montreal in 1995. As a growing business, their network of franchises now include some 38 rotisseries across Quebec and Ontario.

Scores rotisserie insists on always giving its clients only the best quality at the best possible price. It’s with that in mind that Scores recently inaugurated its flagship Franchise Training Centre. MtlRestoRap caught up with Scores Chief Operating Officer Ronald Simard to visit the new centre located on St. Laurent Boulevard in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough of Montreal.

Simard proudly showed off the training centre as though he built it himself. And in a sense, that’s just what he did. It was Simard’s idea, after all, to create a, “school system for franchisees to attain real life experience.” The program lasts for 10 weeks and franchisees are put through every routine in the restaurant to gain hands on experience for every position they will have to fill in their own locations.

“We needed a strong support mechanism to train our team,” Simard told us. “You need to teach it, measure it and watch it grow,” said the affable COO.

Scores is one of the few banners to offer the vocational qualification program in cooking through an apprenticeship program.

While 38 locations are currently in operation, including two in Ontario, there are several new locations opening soon. The next restaurant will open in Longueuil in May, while a month later two new franchises will open in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and on Lacordaire Blvd. Simard let us in on a secret, that a new site is also being planned for the Notre-Dame-de-Grace district, in Montreal’s West End.

Scores is particularly excited about their latest innovation, a brimming salad bar they call the Grand Saladier. This display of fresh, colourful vegetables rivals the best chains in Canada and the U.S. The Grand Saladier offers soups, salads and fruit. They have chicken, chorizo, hearts of palm, northern shrimp and so much more! The Grand Saladier includes:

  • 24 new ingredients
  • 3 types of cheese
  • 16 daily fresh-made salads
  • 6 new proteins
  • 1 nacho bar
  • and 63 ingredients in total!

The Grand Saladier is included, free, with chicken and rib entrees. For other meals it is available for a modest charge.

Non-meat eaters will be pleased with the fish choices on the menu, such as cod and salmon.

Charles Dufresne, Executive chef for the entire chain stated that, “No restaurant has a salad bar like this one. Everything is prepared fresh, on site.”

An entirely new menu was launched across the entire chain this past January, Dufresne told those at the official launch.

The newer stores sport the urban model, with modern lighting and decor, high ceilings and earthy tones with seating for up to 186 dining patrons in a 5700 sq. ft. setup.

So environmentally conscientious are the developers, they’ve now purchased 100 percent electric, Kia Soul cars for local deliveries.

The new concept stores are designed with private rooms that can accommodate community organizations and local businesses for their catered gatherings as well as those throwing parties or large family dinners.

Anik Tétreault, Scores Director of Marketing welcomed the Mayor of the Ahuntsic-Cartierveille borough, Émilie Thuillier.

“This is an excellent restaurant to welcome into the borough and to help revitalize this shopping centre,” the mayor said. She was also excited to learn about the electric delivery cars, that will roll silently, and pollution-free, through her borough.

The mayor was accompanied by newly-elected city councillor Hadrien Parizeau, also a member of the city’s Executive Committee, and grandson of former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau.

As part of the kick-off event, guests were treated to exclusive hors d’oeuvres including buns stuffed with shrimp and crab meat, crispy BBQ chicken wings and drumsticks with a tangy sauce and smoked meat wrapped in bacon.

Scores is part of the Imvescor Group of Restaurants, which was recently acquired by Group MTY.

From the modern appointed restaurant decor, to the enthusiastic staff to the innovative and incredibly tasty nibbles that night, they stand true to their motto: “A Great Deal More at Scores.”

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By Glenn J. Nashen