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Café Melbourne: Where to Cram for Your Next Exam

    By: Nicole Nashen and Sarnai Bisaillon

    Steps away from the bustle of Mont-Royal, there is a hidden gem in the Plateau region and this past December, we found our new go to study spot; Café Melbourne.

    As two Dawson students, we both appreciated the ambiance that came with the café and noted that it is the perfect place to cram for your finals or perfect your essay. There was a blend of coffee shop music and sounds from the kitchen. The grinding of the coffee, the release of steam from the coffee machine and the clinks of the glasses. The smells of different, exotic coffees filled our noses as the sun shone through the window, warming our faces. All in all, we felt warmed and welcomed as though we were in our own kitchens.

    Inspired by the previous owners, Anisha, Francois and Mathieu ensured Cafe Melbourne stays true to its name, offering Australian-inspired cuisine for the last year since it reopened. François told us “…Australians have a lot of fun with the way they create plates”. They mix and match different ingredients that work well together in order to create dishes that are aesthetically appealing.

    The coffees we ordered were both simple and unique at the same time. The cappuccino was well made, with foamy flower designs to top it off but the real stunner was the lucky charms latte. The glass was overflowing with the breakfast cereal that we all know and love and brought us both some smiles and when we asked “why?”, Francois simply smiled and told us it was fun.

    When it came time to eat, we asked Francois to surprise us with his two favourite dishes. The avocado toast was a delicious blend of so many different flavours that we never would have thought could go together. What impressed us the most was a jam we thought was made from dates which turned out to be a tomato jalapeno jam! The matcha porridge was unexpected since neither of us thought matcha could ever go in porridge. To top it all, there was a satisfying arrangement of fruits and coconut shavings with raspberry sauce drizzled over everything.

    Now that school has started again, it is important for all students to find their study corners and Cafe Melbourne is the place to be. They are open 9-4 and brunch is offered every day of the week. A full brunch can range between $15-$21 and they will now offer a smaller version for a smaller price. In the upcoming year, they hope to have DJs come in for a fun morning with live music. They also plan to bring in guest chefs for collaborations once a month. As Francois told us, 2018 was a year to learn about their new business and 2019 will bring new and exciting events.

    You can find more information on any one of their social mediums.


    Instagram: lemelbournecafe

    Address: 4615 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal.

    Nicole and Sarnai are second year Law, Society and Justice students at Dawson college who try out new cafes in the Montreal area to study.

    All photos are courtesy of Café Melbourne

    Glenn J. Nashen

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