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Copper Branch continues to gain notice as empowering the health and lives of customers

    David DiRaddo
    Director of Operations David DiRaddo.

    Founded in 2016, Foodtastic is already one of the largest restaurant companies in Canada. In May of 2021, the restaurant franchising operation acquired all of the assets comprising the Copper Branch brand.

    “Copper Branch is the largest vegan restaurant brand in the world, and we are happy to welcome it into the Foodtastic Family,” said Peter Mammas, President, and CEO of Foodtastic. “We look forward to working with all our new franchisees and emerging through this pandemic with a revitalized leader in the plant-powered restaurant space. This acquisition is consistent with our strategy of acquiring quality Canadian brands with growth potential.”

    Since its beginning, Copper Branch has been on a mission to empower the health and lives of customers through its inspired, wholesome plant-based menu.

    Whether already vegan, looking to transition to a more plant-based diet, or simply trying to eat healthier – Copper Branch is touted as a place to enjoy innovative, wholesome and ethical food that you can feel good about. They consider that their food is for everyone. From comfort food to lighter fare – they have something for everyone and work hard to make their menu as inclusive as possible no matter what one’s dietary restrictions are.

    I dropped by the Town of Mount Royal location recently with a friend to meet with David DiRaddo, director of operations for the brand. There are now 39 locations in North America, plus several in France and one to come in Australia.

    This was my first time at a Copper Branch location and indeed none of the food I tasted was anything like I expected. I will share my friend Glenn’s observations of some of what we ate.

    The General Tao tastes just like the real thing. Slightly crispy on the outside and smothered in tangy sweet General Tao sauce.

    Poutine here is soft and flavourful, with golden potatoes covered in vegan cheese and a rich gravy.

    The Bao Bun smoked salmon really blew us away: smoked salmon-inspired carrot with cucumber and shredded carrot in a light fluffy Bao Bun. The Sriracha coleslaw and chicken drumsticks are great dishes to share.

    Of their burgers, the Copper Burger Deluxe patty features beets, organic brown rice, pea protein, sesame seeds, organic hemp and sunflower seeds, lemon juice, with caramelized onions, lettuce, Cape Cod kettle-cooked chips, guacamole and Copper Sauce Spicy Black.

    The Spicy Black Bean, Shitake Teriyaki and Portobello Mushroom Galaxy burgers are also very popular. They have six all-day breakfast items. You can choose from sandwiches, signature and power bowls, fresh sides, kids’ meals, smoothies, lattes and teas and more.

    Try the Zucchini Brownie, dairy free with chocolate chips, cane juice, brown rice flour, zucchini, cocoa, Earth Balance buttery spread, organic soy milk, potato starch, non-GMO canola oil, organic flax seeds, non-GMO hemp seeds and tapioca syrup. Indeed, a yummy ending to a pretty healthy meal.

    The coffee cake muffin makes for a great side for a light snack with a smoothie, cappuccino, or coffee. I loved the cinnamon bun, which tasted amazing and heated up briefly in the microwave at home the next day. Ditto for the chocolate chip cookie.

    TMR store manager Mo and his staff are friendly and eager to please in a modern, bright venue with large digital menus. This location is well-situated, just a one-minute ride from the Decarie Circle in TMR with ample free parking.

    Will there be more interesting menu items coming? DiRaddo is tightlipped. Some of their products are available in grocery stores. “Eighty percent of our customers are not even vegan,” says DiRaddo. “They just want to eat healthy.”

    You can get all of the information you need at Go see Mo and his team at Carré Lucerne next to Provigo at 2392 Lucerne Rd, Mount Royal, Quebec H3R 2J8

    Mike Cohen

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