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GIDC can help restaurant owners overcome entrepreneurial poverty

GIDC is a Montreal-based company that consults with restaurant owners by sharing a concept of how a strategic approach can have explosive results, exponential growth, and profit vs an incremental one.

Owner David Aldous is a business growth and education marketing specialist who is reaching out to restaurant owners, offering a free consultation to show how he can save them a significant amount of money, time and slowly get out of debt. While providing a unique strategic approach designed to increase sales by five to six million dollars over a five-year period, with an estimated budget price of three to five percent also offering a benefit of a six-month postal code exclusivity giving an advantage against their competition.

In each postal code, there are any number of potential clients who earn over a certain amount of income who don’t have any issues when spending money (He calls this Your Best Buyers) on family and/or friends. By mailing a professionally printed invitation by Canada Post you can now target new clients by inviting them down to your restaurant to benefit a free meal so that they can earn your trust, giving you the opportunity to teach them about who you are in the community.

With another strategic resource at hand, while you are busy working IN your business Mr. Aldous will be working ON your business by acting as your affiliated manager by approaching local business owners in a non-competitive domain, leveraging the results of each business an opportunity of growing new clients for each.

Another strategic business growth concept that he likes to offer is building a revenue stream by earning rent when you have no properties. For more information call 514-501-3623 or email

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