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Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza is back! Also, new Pull-A-Part bread

Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza

After several years, the beloved pretzel crust is returning to headline the Little Caesars menu across Canada 

There was a time when I had to cross the border to eat Little Ceasars Pizza in New York state. While I was there I grabbed a few cans of Dr Pepper because the groceries stores did not carry them. Today we have plenty of Dr Pepper and Little Ceasars Pizza has finally set up shop in Canada. Little Ceasars Pizza just brought back the Pretzel Crust Pizza and the new Pull-A-Part bread at participating locations across Canada. 

My family and I sometimes get very busy and need a quick pizza to bring home. Little Ceasars Pizza is always there to accommodate our needs. Their popular HOT-N-READY pizza is always guaranteed to fit our needs.

The good folks of Little Ceasars Pizza contacted me to try the newly returned Pretzel Crust Pizza and the new Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread. I was happy to accommodate them as was my stomach.

Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza

Since this is a Montreal review site, unfortunately, we have only one Little Ceasars Pizza on the whole island. If you are taking a trek to Ontario or coming back on Autoroute 40, please drop by 3066 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland. The owners of the fine establishment are hard-working and make sure your pizza is ready for you as fast as possible. They have never disappointed me, I always get my pizza fast.

According to legend, The pretzel was created in 1861 by a 26-year-old entrepreneur  Julius Sturgis opened a pretzel bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He left a batch in the oven for too long one day, but instead of throwing them out, he gave the well-done morsels a taste. And the rest is history.

My wife and I enjoy salty treats. The Pretzel Crust Pizza and Pull-A-Part bread are right up our alley. We wolfed down this savory pizza. We were both pleasantly surprised by the soft pretzel crust. It tasted like a buttery, grilled cheese sandwich with the taste of a pretzel. Pizza dough can make or break a pizza. You will have to pardon my pun when I say this, once you try a Little Ceasars Pretzel Crust Pizza slice, you will knead another slice. We enjoyed dipping the bread and pizza into the tasty Cheezy dip. There is always excitement when we get Little Ceasars Pizza. My wife and I will be buying more Pretzel Crust Pizza.

Little Ceasars Pizza caters to our busy schedules, they have a whole gamut of other pizzas and treats to satisfy your specific needs. They are great for parties. I always used them when I had birthday parties for my kids. Seems they are always coming up with innovative pizza offerings every other day. I have never had a Little Ceasars pizza that disappointed me.

Pretzel Crust Pizza and new, 10 pieces of Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread paired with Cheezy dip

Little Caesars’ much-loved Pretzel Crust Pizza to its Canadian restaurants, marking its limited-time return. This relaunch answers requests by enthusiastic customers and social media fans for its return, giving guests one more chance to experience the Pretzel Crust Pizza and Pull-A-Part bread at participating locations across Canada.  

Last celebrated in 2018, the Pretzel Crust Pizza is a medium specialty pizza with a flavourful, soft pretzel outer edge crust. Topped with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, a blend of 100% fresh shredded cheese. Finished with a 2-cheese gourmet blend of Asiago and Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of pretzel salt.

This salty, savory treat can also be amped up should customers wish to choose to stuff their crust or customize it with the traditional Little Caesars pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes upon request. Plus, this year Little Caesars is introducing a 10-piece new Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread for those enthusiasts who can’t get enough of that pretzel flavour. “What’s better than Pretzel Crust Pizza?  More Pretzel Crust options to enjoy!” said Jessica Foust, Director of Global R&D, at Little Caesars. “Celebrating the return of one of our most iconic menu items, we now proudly feature multiple ways to personalize your pretzel experience and a Little Caesars pizza party.”

By Tony Medeiros

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