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Mike Cohen and Glenn J. Nashen go kosher at Luzzatto on Decarie

Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant
Joseph Wajsberg and Avrihom Zirkind

When my friend Glenn and I recently had to attend an event at the Ramada Plaza Hotel on Decarie near Plamondon, I suggested we try the Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant.

I have been driving by this location for years and noticed previous incarnations of this dining establishment and hotel. It was recently rebranded as Ramada Plaza from Quality Inn and got a complete facelift –inside and out.

The Ramada and its in-house restaurant are owned by Abraham Boyarsky, a Concordia professor who also runs TAV College a few doors down. He has a magic touch.

We were greeted by manager Avrohom Zirkind and mashgiach (a Jew who supervises the kashrut status of a kosher establishment) Joseph Wajsberg and our server Priya. Luzzatto sounds like an Italian restaurant and several items on the menu reflect that. There are a variety of choices.

Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant

Glenn and I started off by sharing a house salad (more than enough for two) and an entrée of four egg rolls. For the main course, Glenn opted for the Luzzatto favorite, the shistaouk plate containing grilled chicken thighs and two sides – grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes. I was eyeing the ribs steaks, 12 and 16 ounces, but selected instead the New York burger trio – a hamburger with smoked meat, lettuce, tomato and pickles. It came with rice and fries. The serving was large and most satisfying.

Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant

You can also get a Mediterranean platter, wraps, Italian specialties, and sandwich trios, other kinds of burgers, hot dogs, Chinese food, shawarma, chicken plates, wings, nuggets, roast beef, chicken scaloppini and fish. You can have ice cream or pastry for dessert and beer.

Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant

Zirkind told me that the restaurant, which seats about 50, has several regular diners from the community as well as hotel guests. It is in a prime location with convenient on-street parking. Business should increase significantly when Pizza Pita next door relocates to Decarie Square. There is also a banquet hall for the hotel and Luzzatto caters all of those affairs.

Luzzatto Restaurant is located at 6445 Boulevard Décarie. It is open Sunday to Thursday from Noon to 9 pm. For reservations call 514-739-3800.

Mike Cohen

1 thought on “Mike Cohen and Glenn J. Nashen go kosher at Luzzatto on Decarie”

  1. Hello,

    These comments are with reference to your review of Luzzatto Kosher Restaurant. I came across it quite by chance while looking for info on another kosher restaurant and decided to see what you had to say. First thing I noticed … unless it’s well hidden, the review doesn’t seem to be dated. I checked some other reviews on your site and noticed the same thing. Curious. Had you not mentioned that the hotel was recently rebranded, I wouldn’t know what year, and thus, what incarnation of the restaurant your review was referring to. Why not date your reviews?
    Second, you mention that “Luzzatto sounds like an Italian restaurant and there are a number of items on the menu that reflect that.” But most of the offerings aren’t Italian. Although I’m not completely sure why the original owners chose this name, I strongly suspect that it’s named after the Ramchal, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, the great 18th century Italian Torah scholar and philosopher.
    Finally, just so as not to shock any of your readers who keeps kosher, you should mention that the ice cream served here is non-dairy.

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