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Medeiros family tries yummy smash burgers at Yumi Burger near Concordia University

    My wife and I embarked on a delightful outing to downtown Montreal with the sole purpose of meeting up with our daughter. We planned to indulge in a quick and satisfying meal, a task that posed some challenges due to our limited time constraints. After a brief discussion, we unanimously agreed that burgers were the optimal choice for our on-the-go lunch. Naturally, the thought of McDonald’s was dismissed given its bustling lunchtime crowd. At the same time, opting for a high-end burger establishment seemed impractical as it would undoubtedly consume more time than we could afford.

    Thankfully, our daughter came to the rescue with a fantastic recommendation: Yumi Burger, conveniently situated at 1448 Rue Mackay in the heart of Montreal. What made this burger joint particularly intriguing was its specialization in smash burgers. What’s more, it was situated in an area that held nostalgic significance for me, as it was near my old stomping grounds around Concordia University. Upon entering the restaurant, I was instantly struck by the youthful ambiance reminiscent of a college crowd. Surprisingly, this atmosphere didn’t bother me in the least; in fact, it added a unique charm to the dining experience.

    A smash burger refers to a variety of hamburger creations involving the action of “smashing” or pressing down on a spherical mass of ground beef onto a heated cooking surface, commonly a griddle or skillet. The primary objective of this method is to craft a thin patty boasting a crisp and caramelized outer layer while preserving the succulent and richly flavored interior.

    The attraction of a smash burger lies in the amalgamation of textures—ranging from the crunchy outer layer to the tender, juicy interior—coupled with the interplay of flavors originating from the diverse toppings. This particular burger style is widely favored and is frequently linked with establishments reminiscent of diners or fast-food burger chains.

    In recent years, smash burgers have gained noteworthy popularity, prompting numerous dining establishments and culinary enthusiasts to explore distinct meat blends, seasonings, and toppings in their pursuit of innovative takes on this timeless burger variant.

    Following our daughter’s suggestion, we decided to indulge in Yumi Burger’s signature cheeseburger, aptly named the Yumi cheeseburger. With the decision made, we placed our orders, each of us selecting the same mouthwatering burger accompanied by a side of fries and a refreshing beverage. What pleasantly surprised me was the affordability of the bill. Despite the decadence of the meal, the overall cost for the three of us was comparable to what one might spend at a typical fast-food establishment. This was a far cry from the exorbitant prices often associated with upscale burger restaurants.

    To manage our time effectively, we were handed a buzzer device, a tool that would notify us when our delectable meals were ready for consumption. Given our time constraints, I must admit I had some reservations about the promptness of the service. However, I was pleasantly taken aback when our orders arrived surprisingly quickly. The efficiency of the kitchen staff was indeed impressive, and it eased my initial apprehensions.

    With our plates before us, we collectively marveled at the sight of our well-crafted burgers. Each comprised a single patty adorned with fresh lettuce, succulent caramelized onions, delectably sautéed mushrooms, and the pièce de résistance: the secret Yumi sauce. Despite my initial skepticism, I was genuinely delighted by the taste of my burger. The flavors harmonized beautifully, resulting in a culinary delight that exceeded my expectations. The accompanying crispy fries proved to be a delightful complement to the main course, elevating the overall dining experience to new heights.

    It’s worth noting that Yumi Burger’s menu extends beyond their signature cheeseburgers, encompassing offerings such as chicken burgers and poutines. With this diverse range of options, there truly is something to cater to every palate. Having two locations within Montreal, Yumi Burger has managed to redefine the concept of the classic Smash burger. This transformation aligns perfectly with their motto: “I never met a burger like you before.” This statement aptly encapsulates the exceptional and unforgettable experience that Yumi Burger has to offer.

    According to my daughter, Yumi Burger has achieved significant success through its delivery service. The burgers are prepared by halal standards, specifically tailored to meet the preferences of the local residential population. The establishment plays energetic techno music that might not necessarily appeal to more mature demographics. I had no objections to this aspect and found it enjoyable. I appreciated the youthful college atmosphere that the music contributed to.

    If you find yourself in the downtown area and hankering for a swift and budget-friendly meal, Yumi Burger stands out as the ideal selection. You’ll undoubtedly be pleased with your decision. By opting for delivery, you can sidestep the hustle and bustle of crowds. This option is particularly appealing for travelers staying in hotels, offering them a convenient and satisfying dining experience right from their accommodations.

    Yumi Burger is located at 1448 Mackay and 977 St Catherine West and a food truck is available for corporate and private events.

    Tony Medeiros

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