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Mike Cohen celebrates Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe

    I think one of the first food items I learned how to make myself was a grilled cheese sandwich. We had one of those grillers at home and all I needed was a slice of cheese, two pieces of bread and some margarine. Over the years I learned different variations: buttering up two sides of bread, slipping in the cheese and making it on the frying pan and or toasting two pieces of bread, applying the margarine then sticking it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

    Well in recent years many restaurants have begun offering a wide variation of grilled cheese sandwiches. I was not aware that November was Grilled Cheese Month at L’Gros Luxe chain. That is probably because a new member of the group only opened near my home and office in NDG a year ago.

    Since 2015, L’Gros Luxe has been taking advantage of November to delight lovers of melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese sandwiches. This year, with 9 locations, a selection of 40 different grilled cheeses are on the menu.

    Once again, the chefs at each restaurant are introducing different gourmet sandwiches. They differ at each locale weekly.

    I stopped by with my colleague Andrea recently. We were pleasantly surprised by the attractive and bright NDG location at 5942 Sherbrooke Street West.

    Our server Amelie shared with us the choices. At the NDG locale, it was the Broccoli Dude – broccoli, sautéed with garlic and some siracha between two slices of grilled bread and of course cheese. It came with a nice salad. Andrea gave it a thumbs up.

    I spotted the Grilled Cheese Club on the main menu and opted for that. I am a big fan of clubs. This one had mixed cheese, marinated chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It came with fries. This was one amazing sandwich. I savored every bite and I cannot wait to come back and have it again.

    While the restaurant has a large drink menu, I quenched my thirst with a Virgin Caesar and Andrea had a mocktail.

    What are some of the other sandwiches being offered this month?

    • Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, apple crumble, Gruyère cheese, a drizzle of hot sauce with scotch cap pepper ($15).
    • Hot Chicken Homie: marinated chicken,  sauce and green peas  ($14)
    • Thanksgiving Leftovers: Seasoned  fries, smoked turkey breast, stuffing, sauce and atocas (cranberry sauce)  ($16)
    • Italiano: chicken parmigiana and tomato sauce with herbs ($18).
    • No Chinese Fondue: Steak, onions, mushrooms, brie and pepper sauce ($15).
    • 420 is Legal: Macaroni and cheese, shredded pork and coritos  ($14).
    •  Wilensky’s : Bologna, marinated beets and baseball mustard ($16)
    •  Mister Nagano: Nagano pork belly and onions confit in beer ($15).
    • It’s Starting To Get A Little Fuzzy: Half grilled cheese with strong cheddar cheese, roasted apples and salted butter caramel – $9 (served as a dessert).

    L’Gros Luxe is now gaining a reputation as being sensitive to the particular dynamics of each of the neighbourhoods they invest in. Owner Alex Bastide maintains that he avoids uniformity, offering each time a tailor-made restaurant that meets the needs of the local community. Unlike the chains typical of the restaurant industry, L’Gros Luxe adapts to each of the neighbourhoods in which it is located, going so far as to modify its menu according to the preferences of its customers. Period chandeliers and mirrors rub shoulders with portraits of our ancestors in the unique and warm setting of each establishment. It’s hard not to feel at home, especially since the staff knows how to treat you. Friendly and attentive, all employees, whether in the dining room, behind the bar or in the kitchen, share the owners’ eco-responsible and unifying values. Their vision? Democratize big luxury with its comforting and affordable menu that emphasizes vegetarian dishes without neglecting carnivores.  

    Here is a list of the locations.

    Plateau – 451 Duluth Est

    Mile End – 150 Bernard Ouest 

    Sud Ouest – 2472 Notre-Dame Ouest 

    NDG – 5942 Sherbrooke Ouest

    Vieux Longueuil – 217 St-Charles Ouest 

    Québec – 859 Ave. Myrand 

    Victoriaville – 150 Bois-Francs Sud

    Sherbrooke – 146 Wellington Sud

    Chicoutimi – 383 Racine Est

    You can log on to  and follow them on Instagram & Twitter: @lgrosluxe

    Mike Cohen

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