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Mike Cohen goes kosher at the new Benny et Fils on Queen Mary

    Do you remember the kosher restaurant Chez Benny? It was a mainstay since 1991 on Queen Mary Road, owned by Benny Cohen (no relation). When it closed in 2017 it left a huge void. In mid-October 2018, a rebirth was mounted with a new name and location. Benny et Fils made its debut across the street at 4944 Queen Mary, with Fils being Benny’s 23-year-old son Yaniv.

    When I arrived for lunch with my friends Glenn and Mitchell, we were greeted by Michael Labbé.  Benny et Fils has a unique format. The menu is posted on large boards behind the cash. Customers arrive, make their order and then select a table to sit at. The manager on duty, in this case Labbé, brings the food to your table and takes your drink order. It is a neat and efficient format. Meanwhile, the chefs – on this day Benny and Yaniv- work seamlessly to make the meals.

    Mitchell started off with the soup of the day while Glenn and I shared a delicious order of hummus with eggs and small pieces of pita. For our main courses, Mitchell opted for the Tel Aviv hummus plate, which included oven roasted hummus, falafel, Israeli salad and tahini. He also added some sweet potato fries. Glenn and I shared two meals- the fried classic chicken burger on a bun and some impeccable Shawarma on a baguette. On the side Michael recommended we try the dirty fries – fries sprinkled with guacamole chili. We were all very pleased with our experience.

    There are different kinds of falafel, hummus, eggplant and salads available. Besides sweet potato and dirty fries, you can get yellow gold fries, onion rings and fried pickles. There are chicken wings, tenders, fried drumsticks and popcorn chicken and schnitzel, as well as hot dogs, tacos, kefta (spicy meatball) and merguez (a red spicy sausage). You can also build your own chicken sandwich or hamburger with different toppings.

    For dessert, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are available.

    Benny et Fils can seat 55 people. Yaniv said that the menu is pretty similar to the original, minus the Chinese food. Another difference is the table service once the order has been placed at the cash. For now Yaniv says he is merely an employee. “One day I will take it over,” he smiles.

    Benny et Fils is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm and Saturdays after Shabbat until 2 am.  For more information call 514.735.5858 or log on to You can order from Uber Eats and in the spring a terrace will be unveiled.

    Mike Cohen

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