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Miranda Medeiros and her friend Kate try a new fried chicken burger with jalapeños, created by Chef Martin Juneau for Benny&Co.

    Martin Juneau, restaurateur. Credit: Marc-Olivier Bécotte (CNW Group/Benny&Co.)

    Miranda and her friend Kate were generously invited to the grand introduction of Chef Martin Juneau to Benny&Co. in Old Montreal. There was excitement in the air, the grand unveiling of the fried chicken burger with jalapeños created by Chef Martin Juneau set all hungry eyes upon this new creation. The chicken burger has always been in the backdrop for chicken restaurants unless chicken burgers are your main meal. Benny&Co. with the help of Chef Martin Juneau has created a far superior chicken burger that comes to the forefront as a standalone meal.

    Miranda’s chicken burger was cooked to perfection. The chicken was very crispy. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy and gave the burger a little more oomph. The soft brioche held together this masterpiece that included mayonnaise, swiss cheese, and jalapeños to give that extra zingy kick. If you have ever eaten at Chickfil-A, there is no burger on that menu that compares to Chef Martin Juneau’s fried chicken burger with jalapeños. Just take one look at the picture below, does that not look like perfect? It’s not every day I get excited about chicken burgers, trust me when I say that Benny&Co. is trying to give you a superior product unlike the same old boring chicken offerings from their competition. They have gone beyond your boring old rotisserie chicken restaurant. This collaboration between Chef Martin Juneau and Benny&Co. is a winner in my book. It brings more class to Benny&Co. I am excited to see what new projects Benny&Co. plan for Quebecers down the line.

    Fresh from Benny&Co.’s press release: The Quebec family business Benny&Co. is proud to announce its first ever collaboration with a renowned chef to create a new menu item. The fried chicken burger with jalapeños, created by Chef Martin Juneau, embodies this association and demonstrates Benny&Co.’s ongoing commitment to renewal while honoring the culinary traditions enjoyed by Quebecers.

    Reflecting a shared vision and values as well as a desire to support the restaurant industry, this collaboration is a first for both Benny&Co. and restaurateur Martin Juneau. The latter, in addition to being at the helm of several culinary shows, has been co-owner of the Pastaga restaurant since 2011, a great success in Quebec.

    “During the pandemic, I was afraid I wouldn’t make it through following the closure of three of my establishments. The Benny family approached me just as I was celebrating 10 years of Pastaga. We have all worked our way up in the restaurant business and are guided by our entrepreneurial instincts. Helping each other to bring gastronomy to life at a friendly price while encouraging local producers is a very rewarding project for me,” adds Martin Juneau, restaurateur and co-owner of Pastaga.

    “Our family values and our desire to offer simple, accessible and festive food have animated our discussions from the start. This is the very first fried chicken patty that we were going to offer to our clientele, and we wanted this dish to be in line with the new image of our restaurants, more modern, but still accessible. The first test of Martin’s recipe was so successful that his daughters even approved the final version. We are very grateful to Martin Juneau for his precious collaboration in this project,” says Elisabeth Benny, Vice-president of marketing and public relations at Benny&Co.

    Tony Medeiros

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