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RestoDishes Exclusive: Le Burger Week: Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne’s “Le Colosse” Burger

    By Tony Medeiros

    Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne is a delightful eatery adorned with 1950s-inspired decor that exudes a distinct Québécois influence. The extensive menu and ingenious use of space provide a comprehensive dining experience worth indulging in. Upon entering, the warm and affable ambiance immediately takes hold. The proprietors’ passion for their craft and patrons is palpable in the cozy establishment, where neighborhood close-knit relationships have been meticulously fostered over the course of four decades.

    Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne has entrenched itself as a pivotal part of the community. It’s right across the street from Sacré Cœur hospital. It transcends the mere purpose of being a dining spot and has evolved into a central gathering place where locals come together to eat and enjoy the ambiance. The restaurant’s seamless assimilation into the neighborhood attests to Paulo and Suzanne’s steadfast dedication and the timeless appeal of their establishment.

    The primary reason behind my visit was to experience the renowned burger that has earned them accolades during Le Burger Week“Le Colosse” Burger is truly exceptional, setting itself apart from the rest. This generously topped burger has the capacity to satisfy your appetite like none other. You might be wondering, what is it that makes this burger stand out from the crowd? Read the full review on RestoDishes.

    Tony Medeiros

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