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Tony Medeiros and his family try out the new BeaverTails in Vaudreuil-Dorion

    BeaverTails evokes wonder for many people. I always get excited when I see a food truck at our local grocery store on the West Island. When you have a guest over, there is nothing great but to offer them a BeaverTail.  The company has come a long way from its original concept in 1978.  They now offer 12 different varieties of Beavertails.  Besides Tim Hortons, there is nothing more Canadian than BeaverTails. Dignitaries from around the globe have tasted Canada’s most famous indulgence. The brand is so popular that it reaches out to six other countries.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they recently opened a BeaverTails location in Vaudreuil-Dorion. MtlRestoRap was invited to sample some of their offerings at this spanking brand-new location.

    If you are a connoisseur of the West Island and its outskirts, the new Beavertails is located near the Home Depot in Vaudreuil.  To get there is quite simple, if you are coming from Montreal, you get off the St-Charles exit, turn up north, go over the overpass, turn right at Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, go a bit more past Home Depot, turn right at Boulevard de la Gare, and presto you are there.  Once you do this, it will become second nature to you.  This is an ideal pitstop for your family if you are going shopping in the area of Eastern Ontario.  Coming back from Cornwall or Hawkesbury? Perfect for you to grab a few BeaverTails before coming back home. 

    I was greeted by the owner Brent Mavridis who happens to own the same food truck that ventures most venues on the West Island. The open concept layout was well thought out.  I loved the giant canoe over the ordering counter section. The thing I really liked about the location is that you no longer need to look for a food truck.  The BeaverTails are at one location just at your beckoning. The ordering is very simple with pics of your favorite BeaverTails on a giant screen.

    I ordered a BeaverDog with their signature poutine for both me and my wife. The softly enveloped dough hotdog was heavenly.  Unlike your conventional hot-dog bun, the softness of the dough made the hotdog scrumptious.  The poutine was out of this world.  This was way above your standard fast-food restaurant poutine.  I was quite surprised by the quality. As a meal, the BeaverDog, poutine, and a drink were a great meal value. Quite filling.  If you are a bit more adventurous, you must try the Poutail.  It is a BeaverTail with poutine as a topping.  How more Canadian can you get than a Poutail?

    Now, for the good part.  The BeaverTails.  At the present count, they have 12 Beavertails if you count the Poutail the lone non-sweet BeaverTail.  That is one BeaverTail for every month.  So many to pick from. I picked two of them. I chose the Strawberry Cheesecake (cheesecake spread, strawberry jam, and Graham cracker crumbs) for myself and the Avalanche (cheesecake spread, Skor bits, and caramel sauce) for my wife.  The soft warm dough with the ingredients was a pleasant taste of blissfulness to an unsuspecting mouth.  One thing I must state is that I took the BeaverTails as a take-out.  Twenty minutes later they were just as warm when I brought them home.  You should have no qualms about taking Beavertails home after your trip to the area.  I also sampled some of the sharable take-out-friendly BeaverBites.  Trust me these will go fast, once you take one, they will quickly disappear.

    Other BeaverTails

    • THE CLASSIC-A sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar
    • KILLALOE SUNRISE-Cinnamon, sugar, and a slice of lemon
    • HAZEL AMOUR-Chocolate hazelnut spread with a dusting of icing sugar
    • BANANARAMA-Chocolate hazelnut spread and banana slices
    • APPLE PIE-Apple pie filling with whole apple slices, caramel sauce, and crumble
    • TRIPLE TRIP-Chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, and Reese’s Pieces
    • COCO VANIL’-Vanilla icing, crushed Oreo cookies, and chocolate sauce
    • MEHPLE-Maple-flavored spread & maple sugar crunch
    • BRWOWNIE-Chocolate hazelnut spread, brownie pieces, and white chocolate chunks

    They have a selection of unique drinks called BT Sips of lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and smoothies.  For those cold and wet days, you can warm yourself with coffee or hot chocolate. For those super-warm days, they have ice cream either in a cup or cone.  They got you covered for both temperature extremities.

    One thing about families on the West Island, we love cake.  A tradition in our family is getting ice cream cake from our favorite ice cream store.  Brent introduced me to their new line of BeaverTails Brownie Pies.  This is going to be a new addition to our household.  The frozen pie is ideal for any celebratory occasion besides birthdays.

    Other BeaverTails Brownie Pies

    • Avalanche 
    • Brownie 
    • Triple Trip 
    • Coco Vanil 

    BeaversTails has big plans, 20 new locations are expected to open this year – the majority will be community shops across Canada.

    Now I am going to sound cliché, but BeaverTails is worth the trip. Strategically situated in Vaudreuil-Dorion it will satisfy many who have not tried BeaverTails.  Trust me when I say this, when you try one, you will not stop at one.  You will be coming back for more.  You can order online with your favorite food delivery app or pick up it yourself. They are located at 3200, boulevard de la Gare #150 VaudreuilDorion, QC J7V 8W5. They are open each from 11:00 AM till 10:00 PM. You can reach them at (450) 218-2266 or 

     Review by Tony Medeiros

    Tony Medeiros

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