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Wayback Burgers Sets to Open First Location in Quebec

    Wayback Burgers has announced a master franchise agreement with Sushil Bhagudia. This agreement outlines plans for Bhagudia to open between 20 and 30 new Wayback Burgers locations in Quebec over the next 20 years. Bhagudia, who has successfully operated a Wayback Burgers franchise in Monroe, New York since 2018, will leverage his experience in this new venture.

    “We are pleased to announce Wayback Burgers’ entry into Quebec with our latest Master Franchise Agreement,” William Chemero, chief development officer of Wayback Burgers, said in the release. “Our new master franchisee, Sushil Bhagudia, has extensive knowledge of the restaurant and customer service industries. We look forward to partnering with him as we begin this new chapter in Wayback Burgers’ Canadian expansion.”

    The first Quebec location is set to open on Montreal’s West Island (3914 Saint-Charles Boulevard), Montreal, managed by Bhagudia’s sister, Trupti Bhagudia, and his friend, Alain LeJeune. This expansion represents a significant milestone in Wayback Burgers’ growth strategy, aimed at strengthening its presence in the Canadian French market.

    One aspect of this bold venture that I truly admire is their audacious decision to set up shop right next to McDonald’s and Starbucks. It takes either incredible courage or a fearless spirit to take on such established competitors head-on. This fortitude is commendable and speaks volumes about their confidence and determination to succeed in a highly competitive market.

    Wayback Burgers serves delicious, freshly made burgers, hand-dipped milkshakes, and delectable sides. True to its name, Wayback Burgers is all about returning to a time when hamburgers were crafted by hand. Their burgers are made using 100% fresh ground beef, which is then pressed and grilled to order. This commitment to quality ensures that every burger we serve is not only delicious but also evokes the nostalgic experience of enjoying a handcrafted meal.

    Wayback Burgers features a stunning new design that gives the updated locations a clean, crisp appearance with a nostalgic touch. However, what truly distinguishes this burger brand is its unwavering commitment to its franchisees, guests, and team members.

    Wayback Burgers has grown rapidly since its inception, now boasting over 166 locations across nine countries. The brand has seen a strong demand for quality burgers and excellent customer service, both domestically and internationally. Wayback Burgers plans to expand into 38 provinces and countries through similar international master franchise agreements. These regions include the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, Japan, Germany, and several Canadian provinces such as Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and British Columbia.

    Tony Medeiros

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