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Weekends Mean Takeout Bliss – and Gigi Pizzeria in Pointe-Claire Village Takes the Crown!

    By Tony Medeiros

    In my household, weekends are a sacred ritual of indulging in takeout cuisine, and a beloved haunt is Gigi Pizzeria nestled in Pointe-Claire village. Every corner of Quebec seems to have its cherished pizza haven, a place where the locals hold fervent convictions that it reigns supreme in terms of being the most delectable, the oiliest, the cheesiest, or the heartiest, among other attributes.

    Within the repertoire of pizzas available, my wife and I have zeroed in on our favorite, none other than the Deluxe Gigi pizza, generously adorned with a rich meat sauce and accompanied by a tantalizing side of crispy fries. The Deluxe Gigi boasts a delectable assortment of toppings: pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, bacon, and onions, all harmoniously arranged on a crust that manages to be both airy and possess crisp edges.

    Gigi Pizzeria transcends mere nourishment; it encapsulates the essence of comfort food, a testament to their genuine care, and an emblematic ode to the enduring appeal of the quintessential classic pizza. Each bite unravels a symphony of gooey cheese strands that meld seamlessly with hearty, meat-laden toppings, a stark departure from the flimsy, featherweight boxes that typify other pizzerias. Bringing home a Gigi pizza is akin to bringing home a complete culinary experience, leaving no room for hunger and ensuring a delightful encore with leftovers that retain their delectable allure, even the day after.

    Such is the magic of this pizzeria that whenever I entertain friends visiting from the United States, a trip to Gigi’s is non-negotiable. They’ve never before experienced submarine sandwiches, pizzas, or poutines quite like those served at Gigi’s. These dishes become a veritable gastronomic embassy, representing the quintessential flavor of Montreal pizza. In the grand hierarchy of Montreal’s pizza offerings, Gigi’s proudly sits at the apex, embodying the pinnacle of pizza excellence in the city.

    My commitment to this gastronomic haven knows no bounds. I willingly embark on a journey that spans the entire length of the island, traversing from one end to the other, solely for the purpose of acquiring Gigi’s exceptional pizza. Such is the allure of this culinary gem that even the distance cannot deter my family from savoring its exquisite flavors.

    Gigi Pizzeria is located at 302 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac-LakeshorePointe-Claire.

    Call for takeout or delivery! (514) 697-4587 and

    Delivery Zones include Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield, Baie D’Urfe, Kirkland, and Dorval.

    Tony Medeiros

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