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Tony Medeiros and his wife get B12 Burger for Le Burger Week 2022

    By: Tony Medeiros

    B12 Burger

    B12 Burger, everything is massive

    Le Burger Week has come and gone once again. My wife and I were invited to participate in this year’s event. The good folks of Le Burger Week send us some burgers from B12 Burger for Le Burger Week 2022 which ran from September 1-14. We decided to have it delivered, our food delivered by Doordash. The service was fast and efficient, we were very satisfied with our delivery. It actually came earlier than we anticipated. The B12 Burger location on 778A Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland delivered our order.

    About Le Burger Week

    Le Burger Week 2022

    This year, the beloved restaurant festival will host an expected over 400 restaurants participating restaurants across many Canadian provinces including Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – making this the largest annual burger event ever held in Canada! On September 1st, plant-based burger-lovers all over Canada will be able to rejoice and dive face-first into the best plant-based burgers our country has to offer.

    This year, Montreal-based chef, restauranteur, and TV host Kimberly Lallouz will be the official ambassador for Le Burger Week 2022! As a close friend and supporter of the festival, Kim is the perfect fit to explore and judge burgers across Canada! Kim will be available for interviews throughout the festival. Get your stomachs ready for this plant-astic occasion – this Le Burger Week will be BEYOND!

    B12 Burger Kirkland

    B12 Burger was created in 2018. B12 Burger builds a unique halal burger experience, all while keeping the client’s cost affordable and without compromising on the quality and fresh ingredients. B12 Burger has grown to four locations.

    We order from B12 Burger Kirland. B12 Burger’s motto is “Think Big… Eat Big.” As you might have guessed B12 Burger carries 12 standard burgers on their menu. They also offer hot dogs. Their in-house submarine sandwiches are no match to the standard submarine sandwich makers. Their extensive menu also has mini burgers, nachos, poutines, Mac and Cheetos, chicken tenders, and even salads. There is something for everybody at B12 Burger. This is not your standard hamburger joint. This is an experience your stomach will never forget.

    The thing with B12 Burger is you better have a big appetite when you order their burgers. I consider myself a connoisseur of hamburgers. The B12 Burger burgers are massive. You will need more than one hand to hold their burgers. I do not know where they get their buns but you cannot buy them at any grocery store.

    B12 Burger

    I had the B12 Burger Classic which comes with the B12 sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, 200-gram Angus beef, bacon, onion rings, and cheese sauce. This burger was so large that I had to cut it in half. It was so juicy, that it oozed with the signature B12 sauce. I never had a burger experience like this one. My side dish was poutine which too was enormous. My eyes and stomach were not working together. This meal was enough to feed two people. I had a hard time finishing it. I was quite full for the whole day.

    B12 Burger

    My wife had the Swiss Chicken Burger with fries. The Swiss Chicken Burger consists of pesto sauce, arugula, tomatoes, grilled chicken, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and caramelized mushrooms. She enjoyed her burger. Like my burger, she had to hold her burger with two hands. Her fries were crispy and delicious.

    B12 Burger Kirkland is centrally located in the heart of Kirkland at 3778A Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland. You can reach B12 Burger by phone at 514-558-1000. They are open from Monday – Sunday from 11.00 A.M – 00.00 P.M. You have three options, you can eat at the restaurant, take-out or delivery. We used Doordash.

    Tony Medeiros

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