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A eulogy for Bar-B Barn, you will be missed

    Bar-B Barn, an iconic Montreal eatery known for ribs and chicken since 1967, is permanently shutting down on March 17th, 2024, ending an era amid personal and city-wide nostalgia. sets itself apart from other review platforms by holding a unique position as a highly coveted entity, frequently enlisted by top-tier agencies to carry out thorough evaluations on behalf of their clients. Esteemed agencies actively pursue our expertise, demonstrating a notable level of trust in our assessments and insights regarding the establishments they endorse. This exclusive acknowledgment not only underscores the confidence placed in our appraisals but also highlights the substantial influence that wields in the realm of restaurant reviews. Our standing as a preferred partner for premier agencies underscores not only the credibility of our evaluations but also accentuates the significant impact we have in shaping opinions and influencing choices within the dynamic landscape of restaurant critique.

    MTLàTABLE: The iconic Chez Lévêque has been a Montreal landmark for more than 50 years

      Just over 50 years ago, Pierre Lévêque became the owner of La Lucarne, a small steak house on Laurier Avenue, already elegantly adorned with warm, inviting storefronts. The name changed to Chez Lévêque and a Montreal landmark was born. Still in the hands of the Lévêque family, this Parisian Brasserie continues to shine with a menu very much taking on a Lyon, France vibe. I was therefore quite pleased to experience this place for the very first time.

      Glenn J. Nashen: A new Vietnamese experience at Tran Cantine

      When it comes to a Vietnamese dining-out experience in Montreal look no further than the Tran Family. Following up on our recent sensational night out at the newly launched Hang Bar in Old Montreal, Judy and I, along with our friends Dana and Jeff accepted an invitation to Marilyn Tran’s diner in St. Henri, aptly named Tran Cantine.

      TasteAtlas: List of the 150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World & Their Iconic Dishes. Discover exceptional culinary experiences at these food destinations. Montreal is home to two of the world’s top 50 restaurants, featuring renowned and distinct dishes. Ranking at number 22, Schwartz’s Deli is known for its signature dish smoked meat, while La Banquise at number 36 offers a memorable dining experience with its poutine.

      By Tony Medeiros

      There is a new kid on the block in the burger business. Billy K‘s has now opened three locations in Montreal and is doing quite well. Their extensive menu goes beyond burgers. Mtlrestorap enjoyed having an early taste of their food a day before their grand opening. My diet throughout the years has been burgers. I had them all over North America. I can honestly say that I was quite surprised by the Billy Burger. It knocked my socks off! Billy K’s Pointe-Claire is the family’s newest addition.

      I travel to Cornwall quite often. It is about 30 minutes from my house. So I was aware of Billy K‘s when I shopped at some of Ontario’s finer grocery stores in Cornwall. I was surprised to learn that Mike CohenMtlResoRap’s premier reviewer, hooked up with Tom Bountis, the founder and creator of the Allô! Mon Coco chain. Tom Bountis came to love Billy K‘s and learned that the owner was going to sell. Tom, his sister Fotini, and partners Melih Batri and John Sanoudakis decided to purchase the brand and expand it to Montreal and beyond.

      I ordered the Billy Burger with regular poutine. I can tell you that this was the freshest burger I have had in a long time. It looks like a Big Mac but uses Triple-A Angus beef with an amazing sauce. The Billy Burger was authentic, unlike other burgers out there. The Billy Burger literally melted in my mouth; it was so soft and enjoyable to eat. Their signature sauce is a must! The poutine was out of this world. Lately, hamburgers from some fast-food restaurants just taste bland and are not cutting it for me. My experience was very enjoyable. My poutine was made with fresh-cut fries, gooey sauce, and cheese curds.

      My wife had the Chicken Club BLT with onion rings. She really enjoyed her meal. The fresh chicken and bun were very scrumptious.

      Billy K‘s has an extensive menu for all appetites. Let’s begin with the hamburgers. Billy K’s has ten different hamburgers to pick from. Hot dogs are plentiful, with eight different varieties. They have 11 poutine offerings and fries with different toppings, such as cajun, parmesan, and sauce. You can pick seven different options in both submarine and wrap form. You’ve got a family to feed, and you can choose a family size from three options. There is a hot dog family box, a hamburger box, and a submarine box. If these portions are too big for the little ones, Billy K’s has kid-friendly sizes.

      Billy K’s Pointe-Claire is at 46 Brunswick Blvd., #46-C, Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Service options include dine-in and curbside pickup.

      Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza

      After several years, the beloved pretzel crust is returning to headline the Little Caesars menu across Canada 

      There was a time when I had to cross the border to eat Little Ceasars Pizza in New York state. While I was there I grabbed a few cans of Dr Pepper because the groceries stores did not carry them. Today we have plenty of Dr Pepper and Little Ceasars Pizza has finally set up shop in Canada. Little Ceasars Pizza just brought back the Pretzel Crust Pizza and the new Pull-A-Part bread at participating locations across Canada. 

      My family and I sometimes get very busy and need a quick pizza to bring home. Little Ceasars Pizza is always there to accommodate our needs. Their popular HOT-N-READY pizza is always guaranteed to fit our needs.

      The good folks of Little Ceasars Pizza contacted me to try the newly returned Pretzel Crust Pizza and the new Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread. I was happy to accommodate them as was my stomach.

      Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza

      Since this is a Montreal review site, unfortunately, we have only one Little Ceasars Pizza on the whole island. If you are taking a trek to Ontario or coming back on Autoroute 40, please drop by 3066 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland. The owners of the fine establishment are hard-working and make sure your pizza is ready for you as fast as possible. They have never disappointed me, I always get my pizza fast.

      According to legend, The pretzel was created in 1861 by a 26-year-old entrepreneur  Julius Sturgis opened a pretzel bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He left a batch in the oven for too long one day, but instead of throwing them out, he gave the well-done morsels a taste. And the rest is history.

      My wife and I enjoy salty treats. The Pretzel Crust Pizza and Pull-A-Part bread are right up our alley. We wolfed down this savory pizza. We were both pleasantly surprised by the soft pretzel crust. It tasted like a buttery, grilled cheese sandwich with the taste of a pretzel. Pizza dough can make or break a pizza. You will have to pardon my pun when I say this, once you try a Little Ceasars Pretzel Crust Pizza slice, you will knead another slice. We enjoyed dipping the bread and pizza into the tasty Cheezy dip. There is always excitement when we get Little Ceasars Pizza. My wife and I will be buying more Pretzel Crust Pizza.

      Little Ceasars Pizza caters to our busy schedules, they have a whole gamut of other pizzas and treats to satisfy your specific needs. They are great for parties. I always used them when I had birthday parties for my kids. Seems they are always coming up with innovative pizza offerings every other day. I have never had a Little Ceasars pizza that disappointed me.

      Pretzel Crust Pizza and new, 10 pieces of Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread paired with Cheezy dip

      Little Caesars’ much-loved Pretzel Crust Pizza to its Canadian restaurants, marking its limited-time return. This relaunch answers requests by enthusiastic customers and social media fans for its return, giving guests one more chance to experience the Pretzel Crust Pizza and Pull-A-Part bread at participating locations across Canada.  

      Last celebrated in 2018, the Pretzel Crust Pizza is a medium specialty pizza with a flavourful, soft pretzel outer edge crust. Topped with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, a blend of 100% fresh shredded cheese. Finished with a 2-cheese gourmet blend of Asiago and Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of pretzel salt.

      This salty, savory treat can also be amped up should customers wish to choose to stuff their crust or customize it with the traditional Little Caesars pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes upon request. Plus, this year Little Caesars is introducing a 10-piece new Pretzel Pull-A-Part Bread for those enthusiasts who can’t get enough of that pretzel flavour. “What’s better than Pretzel Crust Pizza?  More Pretzel Crust options to enjoy!” said Jessica Foust, Director of Global R&D, at Little Caesars. “Celebrating the return of one of our most iconic menu items, we now proudly feature multiple ways to personalize your pretzel experience and a Little Caesars pizza party.”

      By Tony Medeiros


      MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, presented in collaboration with Scotiabank, is thrilled to announce that the 24th edition of the festival will be held from February 16 to March 5, 2023, under the theme Discover the best of Montreal in winter!

      Once again this year, festival-goers will be able to skate on the magnificent Ice Skating Loop high above Place des Festivals, bask in the glow light installations, ride the Grande roue and take advantage of tons of free activities during spring break. It will also mark the 20th anniversary of Nuit blanche, with multiple shows happening in venues throughout the Quartier des spectacles. In short, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to help you rediscover our beautiful and dynamic downtown!

      The Gastronomy programming, presented by ScotiaWealth Management returns to share its legendary hospitality once again. Some 40 Montréalrestaurants and venues will be welcoming international and local chefs and producers, while downtown will be buzzing with gourmet activities. The theme of this joyous and welcoming 24th edition says it all: Montréal is inviting you over!

      “This edition of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE promises to strengthen the four pillars of its mission: to celebrate gastronomy, present new shows and unite crowds with such inclusive and participative winter activities as ice skating. We have everything it takes to prove that Montréal offers a warm welcome, even in the heart of winter.” – Jacques Primeau, Festival General Manager

      Air France Finest Tables
      Invite a chef, a wine grower or a producer from here or abroad, pair them with one of the city’s restaurants and let this special mix work its magic in kitchens and venues city-wide: that’s the hugely successful recipe behind the Air France Finest Tables, which is back better than ever this year. In 2023, Montréal welcomes France, Canada, Italia, Belgium, Switzerland and Scandinavia: more than 30 chefs, including a dozen chefs from northern Europe, will be here to dazzle us with their creativity.  Among them are Benoit Neusy (Michelin star chef,  restaurant l’Impératif au Domaine d’Arondeau, France) at La Chronique, Romain Meder (Michelin star chef, Domaine de Primard, Guainville, France) at Mastard, Ina Niiniketo (Sikke’s, Helskinki) at Ratafia, and Lionel Lévy (Michelin star chef, InterContinental Marseille) at Osco! Wine growers, such as Julien Labet, who will be welcomed by Menu Extra, and Laurent Cazottes at Chez Victoire, will also be joining in the festivities. In addition to traditional tasting menus, the Air France Finest Tables will feature other palate-popping experiences, such as exclusive lunches, brunches,  5 à 7 (happy hours), not to mention delicious confections in partnership with Cacao Barry and Esprits libres, a rare treat for those with a sweet tooth out there.

      Here is the list of participating restaurants:


      Au Petit Extra  |  Auberge Saint-Gabriel   Bar George  |  Barroco
      Beaufort Bistro   Beaver Hall  |  Bivouac  |  Blanc Bec (ITHQ)
      Cabaret L’Enfer  
       Chez Victoire  |  État-Major  |  Ferreira Café 
        |  FOXY  |  Galaxie Brasserie  |  Hélicoptère   Ikanos
       La Chronique  |  Le Mousso   Le Virunga   Lloyd
      Maison Boulud 
       |  Mastard  |  Menu Extra  |  Monarque
      Monème  |  Mon Lapin  |  Okeya Kyujiro  |  Osco!  |  Pastel
       |  Renoir (Sofitel Montréal)  |  Restaurant de l’ITHQ
      Restaurant h3  |  Rosélys (Hôtel Reine Élizabeth)  |  Rose Ross
      Terrasse Nordheimer  |  Toqué!

      Consult the Air France Finest Tables program here

      Couette & Gastronomie Packages
      While tourists from here and afar spend summers exploring the many regions of Québec, in winter it’s a different story as the city turns into a pulsing hub with the one-of-a-kind urban experiences of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE. Once again this year, visitors will love the popular Couette & Gastronomie Packages. Hotels and restaurants will be taking part to whet everyone’s appetites with gourmet tasting experiences indoors. A dozen or so hotels will be welcoming you with arms wide open, including:

      Auberge du Vieux-Port (and its Taverne Gaspar restaurant)
      DoubleTree by Hilton Montréal  | Embassy Suites by Hilton
      Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Hôtel Monville 
      Hôtel William Gray (and its Maggie Oakes restaurant)
      L’Intercontinental Montréal  |  Le Petit Hôtel
      Lofts du Vieux-Port


      Discover all details of Couette & Gastronomie Packages

      Spring Break Family Package
      For the first time ever, the festival will offer an exclusive package at the Monville and Double Tree hotels during spring break. It will include:

      • 1 night in a regular room for 2 adults and 2 children
      • 4 breakfasts
      • 4 tickets to Coucou Passe-Partout, le spectacle (February 28 at 3 p.m. at Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts)

      Click here to learn more

      Special Events
      Les Apéros MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, presented by Vins Côtes du Rhône and hosted by Michelle Bouffard in the charming setting of L’Arrière-Scène in Esplanade Tranquille, will take place from February 16 to 26.

      Then, a conference on culinary identity, in partnership with the Société du réseau ÉCONOMUSÉE (February 23), will round out the menu. Tickets for these special events will be on sale soon at
      There will also be À table avec Jean-Paul Riopelle presented by Air France, whose 100th birthday we celebrate this year. A unique menu will be crafted to reflect this unifying and collaborative painter. This exceptional gourmet event will take place on February 22 at Toqué restaurant, near the artwork La Joute at Place Jean-Paul Riopelle. Reservations will be open from January 22, 2023 via Toqué! restaurant.

      Quartier Gourmand
      The Quartier Gourmand, the cherry on top, will take place for the first time in the hall of Place des Arts (Espace culturel Georges-Émile Lapalme), a spot that allows it to fully embrace its mission of democratizing Québec terroir products. Over the course of two weekends (February 18-19, and 25-26, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.), this special site will offer over 20 free activities, including conferences, tastings as well as culinary demonstrations and workshops.

      Of these 20 free workshops, four captivating and appetizing workshops will be hosted by Mordu, Radio-Canada’s gourmet platform at 3:45 p.m. The day of Saturday, February 18 will be dedicated to emerging Québec products, as Jérémie Jean-Baptiste hosts the first workshop on Asian vegetables with Stéphanie Wang from the company Le Rizen. On Sunday, February 19 top honours will be given to chocolate and pastries as Loounie gives a workshop on vegan pastries. On Saturday, February 25Indigenous cuisine will be in the spotlight when Amine Laabi introduces us to Indigenous culinary traditions alongside Anora Lia Collier and his mother. Sustainable foods are the headliners of Sunday, February 19, as Geneviève O’Gleman shares unique and easy ideas on how to transform food headed for the garbage into tasty gourmet dishes.

      Consult the complete program

      “Scotiabank places arts and culture at the heart of its community engagement in Quebec, as we know that the artistic and business communities uplift and enrich each other. Our partnership with MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE allows us to support storytellers that greatly contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of Montreal. We are also proud to be associated with their gastronomic programming, which features a diverse range of chefs from various cultures.”

      Miranda Medeiros tries 49th Parallel coffee and Lucky’s Doughnuts

        A beloved coffee franchise from British Columbia makes its way to Montreal. The 49th Parallel opened its doors in Old Montreal this summer with delicious and sustainably sourced coffee along with to-die-for doughnuts.

        The 49th Parallel serves a diverse coffee menu using beans from their own cutting-edge roastery. Not only is this spot a no-brainer for a good cup of coffee but it is the scene for some premiere gourmet doughnuts made fresh throughout the day. These doughnuts are hand-crafted culinary delights from Vancouver-based Lucky’s Doughnuts.