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Mike Cohen and friends have a blast at Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier in DDO

    After dining at Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier ( in Dollard des Ormeaux for the first time,  I asked myself why I  had waited so long to do so? The place opened up in Marché de l’Ouest on de Salaberry in 2010.  Marc Emond, Derek Hirsch and Mark Gawronski were original partners in creating this very unique concept and while it took a few years to build a clientele, the place is now an unqualified success.

    I recently went for dinner there with friends Glenn, Tony and Miranda.  Emond runs the day-to-day operations. He had previous experience running other restaurants.  A West Island resident, he believed that a new spot specializing in burgers and ice cream would be a real hit- something of a combination of the Johnny Rocket and Swenson’s formula. Nostalgia is the theme on all of the walls, with neat photos from yesteryear as well as decals and signage. The booth are retro like a 60s diner and jukebox-style music plays continuously.

    The restaurant can seat 155 diners, with an additional 65 on the seasonal terrace.   Recently a (in September 2018) its “one millionth” burger was sold. The lucky family won a gift certificate for every month of that year.

    Client traffic here flows continuously. This is a popular spot for families and birthday parties and why not? The menu is simply a lot of fun and it is now getting a revamp.

    Sampling the burgers and more

    While my friends had been here before, I needed some guidance with my order. Our server Miguel suggested we start off with something that meets the restaurant theme to drink. I ordered a giant cherry cola float and Glenn opted for the same, except with a diet cherry.  All floats are prepared in a chilled glass, topped with French vanilla ice cream. Tony went for the familiar vanilla milkshake while Miranda chose the cookie dough shake.  I felt like I was at Arnold’s from the old Happy Day’s program.

    Before ordering our main meals, we happily shared an appetizer of nachos featuring homemade cheese sauce and salsa and served with sour cream and more salsa.

    Photo by Miranda Medeiros

    I have been hearing about their terrific hamburgers for a long time so I turned to the section of the menu which allows you to build your own burger. First, you choose your patty: fresh ground AAA beef, fresh ground turkey, chicken breast, crispy fried chicken, vegetarian or Wagyu beef (Kobe). I ordered the fresh ground beef. Next, you select a bun. I favored onion over white, brown, pretzel, onion, pumpernickel, lettuce wrap, or gluten-free. I also chose my toppings and asked for waffle fries on the side.

    Photo by Miranda Medeiros

    Tony went for one of the Chaplin Burgers, a favorite served as a smaller quarter-pound burger between a fresh baked white bun and served with straight-cut fries or an upgrade of your choice. The Rocket version actually came with onion rings, bacon, Monterey jack and all dressed.

    Glenn chose the Beliveau (yes Canadiens icons Rocket Richard and Jean Beliveau), a juicy burger with goat cheese, guacamole, grilled vegetables, lettuce, tomato and onions. On the side, he chose the pulled pork poutine.

    Photo by Miranda Medeiros

    Miranda balanced out our selections with a mac n’ cheese plate, made with their very own cheese sauce and topped off with baked mozzarella.

    Photo by Miranda Medeiros

    Quite full at this moment, Glenn and I boldly agreed to order some desserts. He chose the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake while I went for the Big Cookie, a big chocolate chip cookie warmed up with your choice of ice cream.

    Photo by Miranda Medeiros

    If you really want to make a name for yourself try the Kitchen Sink; “ Go Big or Go Home,”  the restaurant quite literally offers you everything and the kitchen sink with this shareable dessert dig into all of its ice cream flavors topped with each and every topping and sauces available from the ice cream bar for $ 29.95.

    Jukebox Burgers also has salads, wraps, sandwiches, kosher hot dogs, kids’ menus and full wine, beer and alcohol selection.

    New Menu Additions

    New menu items have been introduced.   Appetizers include mozzarella sticks, fried pickles and homemade Italian meatballs. Most of the burgers remain, but they have added the “Forget About It ” Italian and the Chicken Parmesan burgers. The Mac & cheese, poutine, hot dog and wraps selections do not change. 

    The salads continue to be popular. A new addition is the spicy taco salad. In the sandwich and plates category, they have brought back the famous hamburger steak and added meatball and chicken submarines.

    There have been some requests for fish, so they have created a fish sandwich with haddock, creamy coleslaw and tartar sauce.

    Loyal customers are fascinated with the Jukebox Burgers concept of upgrading your sides, so another type of French Fry has been introduced – tater tots. “These are amazing with our poutines,” says Emond.

    The biggest visual change is in the dessert menu and the creation of the new “Extreme Milkshakes” in oreo, chocolate, mint oreo, red velvet, cookie dough, s’mores, candyland and birthday cake flavors.

    Opening hours are 11 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information call 514-542-3222 or log on to

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