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Mike Cohen drops by the iconic Chez Ma Tante in Montreal North

    Over the past 20 years I have spent a lot of time in Montreal North thanks to my day job with the English Montreal School Board. So why did it take me so long to stop by a place that can best be described as steamy hot dog  heaven?

    Mike Cohen drops by the iconic Chez Ma Tante in Montreal North.

    Chez Ma Tante, located at 3180 Fleury Street East near St. Michel Boulevard, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and they did so in style on Saturday afternoon with music, special guests and free hot dogs for everyone.

    Mike Cohen drops by the iconic Chez Ma Tante in Montreal North.

    It all began here in 1929 when Marguerite, the Tante of Chez Ma Tante, developed a recipe for success that continues to withstand the test of time. She opened up the establishment with a horse and carriage setup. As word spread about the deliciousness of the food and the kind service Marguerite and her husband upgraded their operation to a campervan. After swapping the vehicle’s interior for kitchen appliances, the van’s windows were repurposed for handing-off hot dogs with a smile. Ma Tante’s legacy soon outgrew the van. In 1950, she literally cemented herself in the lives of many Montrealers by building her restaurant, and on top of it, her home.  

    Margaret trusted one of her employees, Roger Bibeau, so much that she literally handed the business over.  People have since come from all over to taste their delicious steam cooked, 100 percent Shopsy beef dogs.

    Last fall a new chapter was written for Chez Ma Tante when Bibeau sold the operation to Dora D’achille. Together with her husband Pat Lopez, Dora immediately gave the business a complete facelift with a spruced up façade and 10 brand new picnic tables with umbrellas. There is already a large parking lot.

    Painting by Michael Litvack

    Dora’s family owns a popular meat market in the area (Bari Meat). She and her husband grew up in the area and spent many days and nights at Chez Ma Tante. To now own this iconic hot dog haven is a bit surreal for this lovely mom of four (two sets of twins aged 10 and 16). “One of the reasons we bought it was for our kids,” she says. “This will be theirs one day.”

    Mike Cohen drops by the iconic Chez Ma Tante in Montreal North.
    Dora D’achillee and publicist Christina Capobianco show case the delicious hot dogs.

    The menu here is pretty simple:  hot dogs, French Fries, poutine and Michigan. It is a counter service with room to eat standing up inside or of course at the picnic tables during the warmer months.

    Dora treated me to a couple of delicious hot dogs, garnished with their special coleslaw topping, a poutine and a soft drink. Yes it was dangerously good!

    Chez Ma Tante is located in the heart of Montreal North at 3180 Rue Fleury E. It is open 10 am to midnight seven days a week. Log on to  or call 514-387-6984.

    Mike Cohen

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