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Mike Cohen enjoys his first ever Gibbys Steakhouse takeout experience and gives a huge thumbs up

    Like so many Montrealers, one of this city’s marquee restaurants that I really missed during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was Gibbys Steakhouse (

    While its Old Montreal and St. Sauveur locations are now open for dining, Gibbys has implemented an already very popular takeout and curbside pickup format.  Gibbys is following all required protective measures for patrons, staff and suppliers. All tables are socially distanced and all of the staff wear the required protective equipment. There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the restaurants and all areas are sanitized on a regular basis. In Old Montreal a separate entrance has been created for clients coming in so that clients arriving and leaving are not crossing each other in the entrance.

    Let me provide a ringing endorsement for their takeout service, with everything cooked and ready to go. While I took advantage of a large rib steak from the kit items to grill on my barbeque another night, we were thrilled to pick from the menu. I arrived at 5:45 pm, a valet gave me a spot to park and he went inside to advise the front desk I was there for a pickup. A few minutes later Hany, one of the managers, came out with four neatly packaged bags. With traffic and typical Montreal construction roadblocks it took me just under 40 minutes to drop the first package at my mother-in-law’s and then bring ours home.

    Delivery number one for two had two Gibbys salads, with their amazing dressing on the side; one rack of lamb Saint Sauveur, medium, with baked potato and asparagus and butter and sour cream on the side; and one filet of salmon with baked potato and asparagus.

    For my house, the order for three contained two Gibbys salads with anchovies on the side, croutons; and dressing; one rack of lamb Saint Sauveur;   medium, baked potato with butter and sour cream on the side; and one rib-eye medium with a Monte Carlo Potato.

    We were pleasantly surprised to see their trademark hot bread and butter was included. And because there were special occasions in both houses, we could not resist requesting a pair of their homemade birthday cakes (complimentary for such occasions).

    Connecting between homes via Facetime, we were able to share this wonderful dining experience together. It started with the bread, salads and oh yes, the pickles. I fully expected that the main courses would have to be heated up in the microwave, but they were so perfectly packaged this was not needed. Everyone raved about their choices. Clearly, for those of us who prefer the takeout option during these difficult times Gibbys has a winning formula.

    Gibbys at Home

    The new Gibbys at Home concept has been well-received. All instructions come with each meal kit. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance at or by calling them at 514-282-1837.  Pick up is between Noon and 7 pm. In   St. Sauveur, pickup is on Mondays or Thursdays after 4 pm. For cooked take out, guests can place their order the same day, preferably by noon, and pick up   the same day between 5 pm and 6:30 pm.

    For $60 a person,  you have  a choice of filet mignon( 8oz) ,  NY strip (15oz ) or Prime Gibbys cut steak (20oz) accompanied by  Monte Carlo potato , seasonal vegetables,  steak spice blend and garlic, mixed salad, bacon bits, croutons, house salad dressing, Gibbys pickles, fresh bread and whipped butter and  dessert of the day. A wine list is available online.

    Meals To Go kits come cold, ready for you to grill up at home.  

    For $160 you can get a Classic Basket: two rib steaks (20 oz),  10 shrimp with cocktail sauce, two  Monte Carlo Potato, one litre of  gazpacho, one litre of Gibbys pickles,  two fresh breads, one bottle of  house dressing, a  salad mix, seasonal vegetables , real bacon bits, croutons and dessert of the day. There is also a suggested wine pairing.

    For $95,  you can select a seafood basket: two salmon filets (10 oz) , six raw shrimp marinated,  arugula pesto, cream spinach,  fresh lemon, one litre of Gibbys pickles, one bottle of house dressing, salad mix, rice, real bacon bits , croutons, two fresh breads, dessert of the day and a suggested wine pairing.

    There is a barbeque basket for $80: four prime beef patties (half pound), four house burger bun, four  thick slices of emmental cheese, 250 millimeters of secret aioli, one litre of Gibbys pickles, one bottle of house dressing,  salad mix,  real bacon bits, croutons, dessert of the day and a suggested wine pairing.

    Finally, there is the legacy basket at $180: two filet mignon (eight ounces), two lobster tails (four ounce),    two Gibbys famous onion soups, two Monte Carlo potatoes, 500 ml of pepper sauce, house garlic butter, one litre Gibbys pickles, one bottle of house dressing, salad mix, seasonal vegetables, real bacon bits, croutons, two fresh breads,   dessert of the day and a suggested wine pairing.

    You can also purchase items individually from their grocery list.

    A Montreal Landmark

    In 1969 Gilbert (Gibby) Rosenberg and three partners established a steakhouse in St. Sauveur. His nickname stuck and would soon become legendary. Three years later a second Gibbys opened up in an historic former stable in Place d’Youville in Old Montreal. The rest is history. Today, both locales continue to thrive. For a brief time, there was even South Florida locale in Fort Lauderdale.

    The thing about Gibbys is that being there represents a special experience. I love the ambiance, the service and of course everything being delivered so fresh to your table. While I waited for my takeout order to be brought out I saw a lot of cars pulling up. The valet parking team were outfitted in masks, gloves and face shields.

    You can order each menu item a la carte or pay for a group menu in which a set price will land a several course meal. Main courses include rib steak, filet shish kabobs, rack of lamb, chicken Kiev, Canadian lobster tails, curried shrimp, poached swordfish, salmon trout and halibut.

    Meat and fish selections at Gibbys are delivered daily and are prepared using high quality ingredients. The same can be said for the homemade desserts offered as an excellent finish to each meal. This includes chocolate mousse, fresh blueberry cheesecake or homemade ice cream for added sweetness.

    Normally there is seating for 325 in Old Montreal spread over three levels. With social distancing that number is now approximately 180, with a new seasonal terrasse able to accommodate 40 diners. In St. Sauveur, their capacity has been sliced in half to 150.

    Main Courseshere are served with a choice of Gibbys salad (anchovies on request), Gazpacho Andalous or Tomato and onion marinade,   fresh steamed asparagus and a choice of baked potato, Monte Carlo or rice pilaf.  

    Gibbys is a Montreal landmark. Stone walls, beamed ceilings and a cozy fireplace make it a romantic backdrop for any night out. It is beyond popular with locals and tourists alike. And on a given evening you never know which celebrity you might run into. 

    Gibbys is located at 298 Place d’Youville in Old Montreal. For reservations call 514-282-1837. In St. Sauveur you can find the restaurant at  414 Principale St. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 5 pm. Log on to  for more information.

    Mike Cohen