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Miranda Medeiros has breakfast at Allô Mon Coco Sources

    I recently went out with a friend and enjoyed a meal at Allô Mon Coco Sources. The restaurant décor was cute, polished, and charming with its breakfast inspired designs. It was a nice friendly place, clean and modern. The servers we had, Steve and Laura, were friendly and fun. Laura was especially lovely with her bright smile and bubbly personality, my friend started referring to her as ‘the angel’. 

    Allô Mon Coco has an excellent menu. We had trouble deciding what to choose, I all looked so good. 

    Having a sweet tooth, I went for the mont-blanc choco waffle. My friend grabbed the choco coco deluxe. Both dishes gave a perfectly balanced taste of sweet and savoury, that had us clearing our plates and wanting more! 

    The restaurant franchise has been around since 2001 and has been growing in popularity ever since. With a steady expansion in locations, this Quebec franchise is primed to serve delish breakfast province-wide. Though it’s modern aesthetic and welcoming staff are hallmarks of this establishment, their dedication to excellent food rises above all else. Built on a passion for cooking, Allô Mon Coco was designed to be the perfect place for a delightful brunch with friends or family. 

    Breakfast Allô Mon Coco Sources

    When I went with my friend, I was drawn to the waffles. There were so many options for waffles alone to choose from I didn’t know what to take! The mont-blanc waffle was what I needed to try, being so tempted by the gratuitous amount of melted chocolate and marshmallows it offered. The mont-blanc choco waffle was so fluffy, sweet and was dripping with so much warm chocolate that my mouth was glued shut. My tongue and pallet adhering together by the rich gooey marshmallows garnishing the waffle. It was the most wonderfully rich and satisfying waffle I’ve had. Sweet enough for my endless sweet tooth. In stark contrast, the potatoes, bacon, and egg offered a salty and savoury companion to the waffle. There’s something about the potatoes that couldn’t make me put my fork down. They were so creamy and savoury, they were so tasty I could eat a whole plate of them.  

    Breakfast Allô Mon Coco Sources

    The choco coco deluxe had a crepe filled with strawberries, chocolate, and English cream. It was sleek and sweet, having a little extra kick from the delicious strawberries. This one was also paired with those wonderful potatoes that my mouth waters at just thinking of. The potatoes were adorned with nice crispy bacon, and beside it came the savoury eggs. We each got a slice of fresh cantaloupe and grapefruit on our plates to make us feel better about all the chocolate we were eating. 

    We both loved our meals and found ourselves full for nearly the entire day after the filling bunch. The place as a certain charm to it that makes you want to come back again and again. And with such an expansive and tempting menu, why wouldn’t you want to come back again and again to try something new? Of course, I’m going to be going back again for the potatoes.

    Miranda Medeiros

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