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Tony Medeiros and his daughter have a magical time at Juliette & Chocolat

    Juliette & Chocolat is more than chocolate, it’s a festival for the senses. My daughter and I were invited to the grand opening of their new location on the West Island. We were greeted with an overflowing chocolate fountain of delight. I felt like I was on a Willy Wonka factory tour with my inner child. This was not going to be a regular review of the norm. There were kids with plastic bib aprons ready to get messy with their chocolate treats. Yes, get ready to get messy with your chocolate food. This was a perfect opportunity to spend some quality father-daughter time at Juliette & Chocolat. This is the place where your sweet tooth gets re-activated. Everything in the restaurant looks so chocolicious! That should be a word.

    Juliette Brun

    Juliette & Chocolat is best described by its founder as magical. Chocolate has always been at the forefront of Juliette Brun’s life. Juliette gathered experience in France as a pastry chef and chocolatier. She spent a whole year in France to study chocolate and crepe-making and work in a creperie. In 15 years since the introduction of the first chocolate bar in Quebec, the Juliette & Chocolat has blossomed into several restaurants and one Chocolate Lab where all magic is created. Passion and creativity are the main forces that drive Juliette a former McGill graduate in Finance and Economics.

    My daughter and I enjoyed the ambiance of Juliette & Chocolat. We were well treated by the Red Hats. The Red Hats are the employees who happen to wear floppy red hats. The whole place felt fantastical as Juliette Brun wants all her customers to feel. We noticed a glass counter filled with chocolate treats to die for.

    My daughter Miranda and I were presented with a menu. We began with beverages. I had a dark roast coffee. My daughter of course had a hot chocolate. She has a penchant for hot chocolate.

    Miranda started the Juliette& Chocolate (Vegetarian) salad. It was a bouquet of strawberries, pears, blueberries, slivered almonds, and creamy goat cheese on a bed of crunchy mesclun salad seasoned with our vinaigrette cocoa.

    I had the Athena saladThis delightful salad came with grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, crunchy cucumbers, and hard-boiled egg, on a bed of baby spinach seasoned with Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

    Now with the pièce de resistance, crêpes meals.

    Miranda picked the Complete Spinach.  The crêpe meal was wrapped together with fresh spinach, egg, turkey, and melted gruyère (hard Swiss cheese). It covered the whole plate.  Looks can be deceiving, it was so filling. This meal can pull a wallop with the wholesome freshness and taste. She loved the tantalizing combination of the ingredients.

    I was a little bit more conservative, I picked what they call, The Complete.  My crèpe was folded with egg, ham, and melted gruyère. I was surprised by how flavorful my meal was. It jumped into my mouth with delightful glee.

    The whole experience was quite unique compared to your regular restaurant meals. The wonderment of chocolate puts a smile on kids and it becomes contagious. Like many other restaurants, there are kiddie versions of crêpe meals. You can pick either a crêpe with ham or turkey with cheese. Let’s not kid ourselves, the kids are here for the chocolate. So was I.

    Juliette & Chocolat’s new location is at 3339 F Sources Blvd, Dollard-Des Ormeaux. This new location will be bustling by the end of the summer. If the first day is an indication of what is to come, be prepared to experience food like never before. You deserve a little decadence and joy with a vast selection of chocolatey desserts and specialty crêpes. Think of it as a glamor trip for your taste buds. Book your trip for mouth-watering chocolate treats. If you are too busy, you can easily order online.

    Tony Medeiros

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