La Maison Verte

This family business has been known over the years to develop a unique atmosphere, exceptional service and carve out an enviable reputation in the West Island of Montreal thanks to the originality of its menu and the magnificent welcome given to clients.

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Benny&Co. products available exclusively in IGA grocery stores

Benny&Co. is proud to announce the launch of its products available exclusively in the 296 IGA grocery stores across Quebec.

Many consumers live in the age of convenience. For some families going to a restaurant can be a tall order. Sometimes restaurants such as Benny&Co. are not located close to their homes. Quebec is the rotisserie chicken capital for food lovers. Benny&Co. a family-run business is expanding to meet demand the appetite for chicken. Culturally, chicken is a safe food for many ethnic groups. The chicken business is growing stronger in the past year in the USA as well as in the Quebec market. There are many cooking options with chicken. The chicken line is great economically. There are many supper ideas and time-saving recipes that will keep everybody happy.

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Manny Favas discusses food photography as a tool for restaurants

In this day and age where a strong visual presence can compel the viewer to act decisively, or not, having impactful imagery can certainly give any food establishment an edge over the competition, the importance of this cannot be taken for granted, yet it happens all the time. A quick look through the multitude of food websites and it’s evident that not much thought was put into creating the images that represent the establishment. According to a recent survey, in the USA, 45% of diners specifically look for photos of food…

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