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Mike Cohen and family agree that the Firegrill Restaurants offer some of the best steaks in town

    My family has been frequenting the Firegrill Restaurant (  for a few years now,  enjoying some of the best steaks in town at their downtown Stanley Street and St. Laurent Sphèretech 14 (next to Cinemas Guzzo) locations.

    Recently, we added them to our take-out roster, and let me say that they will firmly remain on that list.  Chris Theo has owned the two restaurants for over 20 years with his brother Spyro and a cousin also named Chris and like others in the business, the pandemic hit them like a ton of bricks. Pivoting to a take-out and delivery service was necessary and it has been done very successfully. Both locations allow for an easy curbside pickup format or you can go to the front door and your order will be placed on a table. Home deliveries are managed directly via the restaurant’s websites or through UberEats or Skip The Dishes.

    The menu has been scaled down just a touch, with some items like roast beef and tuna steak/tataki/sandwich removed for now.

    The Firegrill had always offered take-out and delivery. Soon after COVID hit over a year ago, the demand took off bigger than Theo could have expected. “It has been pretty steady and we have a lot of regulars,” Theo said. “Take-out and delivery was never our bread and butter, but until the restrictions are lifted it is now.”

    I made arrangements for a 545 pm pick-up on a recent Friday from the downtown location. Spyro was waiting for my order when I arrived. Everything was divided into two packages: one for my mother-in-law and father-in-law and the other from my house.

    With Queue de Cheval unlikely to ever open again and Moishes shut down, the Firegrill sits pretty now as without a doubt the best steakhouse in the downtown core. Here patrons can enjoy perfectly aged (28 days) steak, grilled to perfection

    My mother-in-law and father-in-law started off by sharing Caesar salad while at our house I had a hearty iceberg wedge salad and the others shared a nice-sized garden salad with some delicious honey mustard dressing on the side.

    We were thrilled that our favorite appetizer was available, the spinach and artichoke dip. It features spinach and artichoke hearts in a creamy three-cheese blend. With some small and soft pieces of pita bread to spread it on, this is a true delicacy.

    The Firegrill is of course known for its perfectly aged steak, grilled to perfection. So it was no surprise that four out of five opted for that while I had some succulent ribs, basked in mesquite B.B.Q. sauce. I got home about a half-hour after pickup. More time passed as we enjoyed our salads and appetizers. Yet the steaks and ribs needed barely a minute in the microwave to regain their heat. We all ordered creamy garlic mashed potatoes on the side and they were soft as butter.  By the way, they include the sides in your order, so it is not an extra.

    “Steak travels well,” says Theo. “Plus we know the secret. If you order it medium we will prepare it medium rare because in transit it continues to cook. When it arrives at its destination it is exactly the way you want it.”

    This was the first time I had ribs since the pandemic started and I happily made the right choice. In fact, I ordered the ribs and shrimp combo – so three large-sized shrimps accompanied the ribs. Everyone had a big thumbs up for the steaks. And at 18 ounces, they are more than big enough to share.

    The present menu has some other great options: crispy calamari and shrimp tempura as seafood starters;  bao buns, popcorn chicken, wings or garlic bread for appetizers; greek salads; sandwiches;  poutine; pasta; grilled chicken; NY striploin or filet mignon;  and Atlantic salmon.

    As for desserts, there is strawberry cheesecake, nuciola (Nutella creamy cheesecake and roasted hazelnuts) and the superb tiramisu mascarpone, which both households ordered one each.

     The downtown location is at 1490 Stanley Street and St, Laurent at 3500 Cote-Vertu West. To order call 514-842-0020, 514-832-0222, or go online at from Noon until before curfew.

    Mike Cohen

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