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Mike Cohen Experiences Petros Griffintown as a follow up to Westmount locale

    A few weeks ago I experienced Petros Westmount ( at the corner of St. Catherine Street and Grosvenor.  Restaurateur Ted Dranias opened the establishment in December 2016 and it is a huge success. However, prior to that in May 2015 the first Petros was established on Notre Dame Street in trendy  Griffintown. It was a tribute to Ted’s late father (named Petros)., who always wanted to have a Greek restaurant of his own.

    Now Ted got started in the business right next door to Petros Griffintown with La Trattoria ( a number of years ago. This spot, with Italian specialties, also continues to thrive. As for Petros, the chain is growing. Petros Outremont will debut on Laurier Avenue in early 2019.

    Omar displays some of the main dishes.

    Well after thoroughly enjoying our dinner at Petros Westmount, I took Ted up on his offer to try Petros Griffintown. It is a smaller more intimate spot, something we liked the moment we walked inside. Manager Paul Kripesh welcomed us at the front door. Our wonderful server was Omar, a veteran in the business who previously worked at Queue de Cheval among others. We took advantage of the BYOB option and Omar opened our bottle of pino grigio.

    On this night we were joined by another couple, friends we had not dined with in over a decade. With soft music playing in the background, the ambiance was perfect to catch up.

    First let me commend the work of chef Karim, whom Ted was proud to announce as his new minority partner in the Griffintown venue. It seats about 45 by the way and was packed solidly on the night we were there. In addition, two party rooms can accommodate 40 and 50 people.

    As I reviewed the menu I simply mentioned out loud who good the oyster mushrooms were at Westmount. Minutes later Omar came to the table with an order for us to share. It seemed that Karim was listening and got to work on that item immediately.

    Omar also brought along some nicely toasted bread. We added an order of taramosalata , spread made from carp roe and olive oil, and it was outstanding.  We knew that we wanted the  Petros Special, featuring lightly fried zucchini chips served with Tzatziki and that proved to be the perfect sharing plate for four. They were out of this world. We also opted for the grilled calamari as an appetizer and it went over very well with everyone, cooked just right.

    For the main course there were two surf and turf orders, filet mignon, large shrimp and oven roasted lemon potatoes, one of the pork chops and another of the grilled to absolute perfection of swordfish.

    For the main course there were two surf and turf orders (filet mignon, large shrimp and oven roasted lemon potatoes), one of the pork chops and another of swordfish, which was grilled to perfection.

    Besides a variety of salads and other fish selections, chicken, steak, lamb chops, octopus, oysters, moussaka, and lobster pasta are menu options as well.

    For dessert we shared a plate of homemade loukoumades, little yeast-risen dough drizzled with honey syrup and accompanied by some yogurt and baklava.

    Inquire about the excellent group menus for lunch and supper.

    Drainias is considering the possibility of introducing a brunch menu in all three locations in the spring.

    Petros Griffintown is located at 1539 Notre-Dame Ouest and open Monday to Friday 11 am to 2:30 pm and evenings from 5 pm to 10 pm   For reservations call 514-935-8500. You can email  and log on to

    Mike Cohen

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