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Ryú Sushi introduces a top-notch and safe take-out and delivery service: first we report on Peel Street

    For the past few weeks, my family and I have gone through some major sushi withdrawal. So we were delighted to hear that Ryú Sushi ( had reopened its Peel and Westmount locations for take-out and delivery.

    Ryú (Japanese for Dragon) is known throughout Montreal for its fresh ingredients and a unique philosophy of respect for the environment and one another. The place specializes in high-end sustainable sushi.

    Peel is open from Tuesday to Saturday whereas Westmount is open from Thursday to Monday, both with different menus. We decided to order from Peel first; Westmount is penciled in for next week.

    First a little bit about the precautions they are taking during this COVID-19 pandemic.

    Mike Cohen experiences the newest RYU Sushi restaurant on Peel Street

      From the moment my wife and I first experienced RYU Sushi last winter, we were hooked on this place. For several months we dined exclusively at the RYU Westmount location. With news that the Peel Street spot had relocated into large premises we were curious to give that venue a try. Manager Jorge Da Silva was there to greet us.

      Glenn J. Nashen discovers a New Greek influence in Lower Westmount

        What makes a new restaurant stand out from the crowd? Is it excellent food? Maybe outstanding service? Could it be an attractive and comfortable venue? Or the perfect location? Or maybe it’s the convergence of all of those that make the newly-opened Estiatorio Kavos on Sherbrooke Street West a winning choice for Greek cuisine buffs.

        Mike Cohen Experiences Petros Griffintown as a follow up to Westmount locale

          A few weeks ago I experienced Petros Westmount ( at the corner of St. Catherine Street and Grosvenor. Restaurateur Ted Dranias opened the establishment in December 2016 and it is a huge success. However, prior to that in May 2015 the first Petros was established on Notre Dame Street in trendy Griffintown. It was a tribute to Ted’s late father (named Petros)., who always wanted to have a Greek restaurant of his own.

          Mike Cohen Discovers Petros Westmount: Outstanding Mediterranean cuisine

            It has now been two years since restaurateur Ted Dranias opened Petros Westmount at the corner of St. Catherine Street West and Grosvenor. My family and I recently went to dine there for the very first time and judging by the fact there was still a lineup for tables at 8:30 pm it is clear this place has caught on.