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Mike Cohen heads across the Mercier Bridge for a taste of Two O Seven Steak and Seafood

    I have been to Kahnawake a few times in my life, but it was my curiosity over a tempting relatively new restaurant called Two O Seven Steak and Seafood which closed the deal for me to venture over the Mercier Bridge for dinner one night. I was joined by my friend Mel Leitman, his wife Connie Dorfman and his sister-in-law Marilyn Silverman.

    Mel has been a great restaurant scout for me over the years, often recommending a good spot to visit and review. He was so impressed with Two O Seven Steak and Seafood that he pretty much insisted that I give it a try. I am so glad I listened.

    First off, from my home in Côte Saint-Luc, this was an easy 20-minute drive on a recent Sunday evening. Just get off on exit 221, turn left at St. Isidore Road/QC 207 and drive 2.8 km. The restaurant will be on your right. There is plenty of free parking. If you are using a GPS make sure to type in the words “Two O Seven Steak and Seafood.”

    There are two casinos in Kahnawake so some people twin such visits with the restaurant, which was rebranded with its current name over a year ago. The attractive main level dining room can accommodate 70 people while another 110 can fit upstairs. While naturally a lot of customers come from the Kahnawake and Châteauguay areas, the recent marketing campaign launched on CJAD and TSN Radio has brought a lot of curious Montrealers like me across the bridge.

    Sonia displays the oysters.

    Our server on this night was the charming Sonia, who handed us menus and pointed to the table d’hôte written across a chalkboard. For appetizers we decided to share the calamari, crispy fried squid seasoned with Cajun sauce and served with feta aioli, and the popcorn shrimps – seasoned popcorn shrimp topped with corn salsa, lime cream and hot sauce. Oysters were on special this night and looked terrific, but we needed to save room for dinner.

    The four of us each ordered salads, house and Caesars, before deciding upon our main courses. Mel had his eye on the table d’hôte and chose the grilled lamb chops and some rice. Connie opted for the 10-ounce prime rib, which got a big thumbs up and came with mashed potatoes. Marilyn chose the chicken parmesan –crispy breaded chicken breast smothered in tomato sauce and melted mozzarella and parmesan served with linguini marinara and garlic bread. For me, it was going to be a steak. Exclusively Canadian AAA quality, I ate with my eyes and selected the 20-ounce rib steak. No, I did not eat it in one sitting. I finished half and had them pack the rest for me to have for lunch the following day. The steak was great by the way, cooked a perfect medium.

    Also, on the menu are swordfish, salmon and sesame-crusted tuna, other pasta dishes, chicken and ribs. Lobster, mussels, crab, shrimp, crab cakes and tartare. My birthday was coming up and Sonia surprised me with a decadent piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it. The others joined in for dessert, with orders of two pieces of apple crumble cheesecake and one crème brûlée.

    Remember as well that in Kahnawake, there are no taxes.

    Manager Michel Boivin said business is good, with the radio station ads successfully bringing in that new clientele. “We may have been the best-kept secret in Kahnawake until recently,” Boivin told me. “We have an excellent staff and a menu diners appreciate.”

    Two 0 Seven Steak and Seafood is located at QC-207, Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0 across the Mercier Bridge. Hours of operation are Wednesdays from 4 pm to 10 pm (with free jazz) and Thursday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 am, serving breakfast and lunch. For reservations call 438-923-8236. You learn more on the web at

    Mike Cohen

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