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By Mike Cohen

Just over a year after P.F Chang’s closed its Decarie/Rue des Jockeys location, the brand is back under the exact same roof with an interesting twist.

While P.F. Chang’s remains very much in operation at Carrefour Laval, its Decarie spot was replaced by a state-of-the-art Cage: Brasserie Sportive which opened last February. It is an excellent takeout selection during these difficult COVID-19 times.  General Manager Emile Haykal was the operating partner for P.F. Chang’s and during the early days of the pandemic, he worked out of the Laval location and noticed how many people were driving from the West End for takeout orders. “Customers from Hampstead, Côte Saint-Luc and TMR really missed us,” he said.

Haykal approached Group Sportscene CEO Jean Bédard with an idea to offer limited menu items for takeout at Decarie and it is already a big hit. Available for pickup is wonton soup, dumplings (shrimp and pork), vegetarian spring rolls, dynamite shrimp and California and spicy tuna sushi.

To place an order call (514) 731-2020   or go to You can select the Decarie location or order via Uber Eats.

Glenn J. Nashen grabs a kosher slice at PizzaPita Prime

    PizzaPita has been going strong in the Snowdon area for more than 30 years. With their recent move across Decarie Boulevard to the former Pizza Hut location in front of Decarie Square, at the corner of Decarie and Vezina, they have a prime spot to garner the attention of thousands of commuters, shoppers and locals each and every day. Hence they’ve rebranded PizzaPita to PizzaPita Prime.