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Earth Month

Tony Medeiros’ family celebrates Earth Day by getting take-out at Quesada

    My wife and I had some take-out from Quesada Burritos & Tacos. For the past two years, I have strictly ordered through take-out. I can honestly say some of the apps out there are frustrating. Some are hard to navigate. Some just take away from the experience of ordering. Quesada makes it so easy to order. It was such a pleasure using their interface. It was so easy to use. Just enter your location and presto you are ready to order. Pick a time when you want to pick it up. You can easily customize your burritos. Select your burrito combo and pay. That simple. No hassles. The user-friendly app makes it a pleasure to order from Quesada. If you are not into apps, you can call or pick-up yourself.