Benny&Co. chooses downtown Montreal to unveil its new rotisserie concept

Benny&Co., Quebec’s largest family-owned rotisserie chain, is now present in downtown Montreal with the opening of its 66th rotisserie, marking the launch of its new restaurant concept. Entirely elaborated by the 3rd generation of the Benny family, this concept involved more than two and a half years of development and will offer a renewed customer experience that reflects Benny&Co’s vision for the future.

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Grillys9305 in St. Léonard is an excellent choice for family dining

I often drive down Lacordaire Boulevard in St. Léonard for business. The large Scores Restaurant on that strip was always a big favorite of mine. Then last year I noticed the sign in front had disappeared, replaced by Grillys 9305.

Recently, curiosity got the best of me and I dropped in to meet owner Maria Tsimboukis, her sister and brother-in-law George Tsonis. George has decades of restaurant experience under his belt and serves as the general manager. After undertaking extensive renovations and re-branding the property Grillys 9305 (the latter is their civic address) they opened and customers began to arrive in droves.

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