Take-out and delivery is an unqualified success for Lezvos West and North

My family and I have been enjoying the fine cuisine of Lezvos West Restaurant on Decarie Blvd. near Monkland for many years. In fact this summer we were hoping to experience Lezvos North in St. Sauveur. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants continue to adjust to the new normal and that means trying to succeed with the take-out and delivery options.

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Mike Cohen savors the fine Mediterranean and Greek cuisine of Lesvos West in NDG

On December 15, 1999, John Drymousis and wife Carmela opened their first Lesvos Restaurant on Mount Royal Street, at the corner of Brébeuf.

John had been a waiter for years, but always dreamed of having his own dining establishment. Carmela was not in that industry at all, having earned a living the previous 12 years at the credit bureau of the Royal Bank of Canada. A decade earlier the couple had relocated to Fort Myers, Florida, where John had been offered a senior role by some Montreal businessmen at a 250 seat family restaurant. At the time their only child, daughter Mia, was a toddler.

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