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Miranda Medeiros attends the grand opening of Benny & Co. at 201 St-Jacques Street in the Old Port

    Benny & Co. is the triumph of generations of hard-working Quebecers. The seeds of this local franchise were first planted back in the 1940s where the Benny family would raise chicken on their family farm where they began making their renowned rotisserie chicken. Using their own family recipe, their delectable chicken was then shared with the public when they opened their first restaurant in 1960. Since then, generations of Benny’s have taken up the helm and now have expanded the farm into a 68-branch franchise, with the newest location in Montreal’s Old Port. It’s not just your stomach that will feel good going to this local rotisserie chicken spot, you’ll also feel good knowing that 80% of the restaurants’ supplies come from local producers within Quebec. Not only is Benny & Co. supporting our local farmers but they’re also supporting vulnerable communities with the Benny & Co. Foundation, which raises money for the well-being and development of children and families with special needs.

    I recently went to the new Benny & Co. location in Old Montreal, at 201 St-Jacques Street. This chic spot provides a modern way to order and enjoy your food. Their menu is accessed using a QR code provided at each table which directs you to the ordering page on your smartphone. From there you can browse the menu and order whenever you’re ready, no need to wait for a server to come and take your order. No more waiting around for or signaling servers with this efficient new way to order. Just scan the code and put in your labeled table number and the kitchen will start your order right away!

    On my visit, we tried the chicken wings, the chicken poutine, and the ribs. The chicken wings were delicious, juicy and full of flavour. I couldn’t get enough of them! The poutine had the option of boneless chicken straight off the skewer, white crispy chicken, or vegetarian chicken. I went with white meat, and they topped it off with a wing. The cheese curds were 100% Quebec sourced and generously spread throughout the poutine. It was fantastic! The sauce is served on the side to keep your fries from getting soggy and you can add in as much as you’d like for your personalized poutine preference. The ribs were savory and cooked to perfection. You could get them alone or with your choice of chicken pairing, be it leg, breast, or chicken strips. You also have the choice of traditional or Louisiana sauce as topping. Each meal came with a toasted bun and delectably crisp fries. We also tried out a few of their new signature drinks and their maple dulce de leche pie which were all wonderful and made for a great experience. 

    Benny & Co. offers not only options for dining room, take out, and delivery, but also grocery options to enjoy their chicken as well! It’s never been easier to indulge in this Quebec chicken staple’s delightful chicken. I’ll be going again soon to have some more of those heavenly chicken wings. 

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    Miranda Medeiros

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