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The Canadian-Based Hot Sauce Company Spicing Things Up

Meet Smoke Show: the vegan and gluten-free Canadian-based hot sauce company bringing the heat! Founded in 2015 by Dave Rose, Smoke Show ensures high-quality, consistent products, and an unforgettable food experience. At the forefront of Smoke Show’s values is a commitment to using only the very best ingredients and flavours. The brand creates bottles that are easy to reuse and repurpose and works with local manufacturers to ensure they are supporting their community and only produce in small batches to obtain maximum freshness. With over 10 products, including sauces and spices, the hot sauce brand is currently located in over 500+ retailers across Canada – solidifying the Smoke Show name as a staple of the modern kitchen!

Smoke Show’s various products have a vibrant blend of smoky, sweet, and savory flavours that are perfect for any meal! Their diverse lineup of sauces, ingredients, and blends has allowed the Montreal-based brand to craft over 10+ different sauces and spices. With best-selling sauces such as the Smoke Show Jalapeño Hot Sauce, Smoke Show Jalapeño Aioli, and Smoke Show Jalapeño BBQ Sauce, the brand offers customers the experience of premium-quality hot sauce at an accessible price point. In addition to their best-sellers, the beloved hot sauce company also offers their many specialty spices such as Smoke Show Jalapeño Spice Blend, Smoke Show Jerk Blend, and of course the Smoke Show Montreal Steak Spice blend packed with an insane taste that is sure to give any meal you make a total face-lift! The hot-sauce brand also regularly develops brand new recipes for their customers to try out and add a little vibrancy to their meals, which can all be found on their website. In addition to this, the brand is constantly exploring new ways to enrich the barbecue experience, with many new flavours and blends being worked on just waiting to be enjoyed by their beloved customers!

As Dave Rose, founder of Smoke Show, explains: “We take a lot of pride in making the best hot sauce we can. Being able to accompany our consumers at any time of year and in every meal they prepare has been one of the greatest pleasures we could ever experience! Our goal has always been to enhance meals by providing high-quality goods that our consumers want to use again and again. We created Smoke Show out of our own passion for food and spicy sauce, and out of a desire to add a flavour-packed condiment with a hint of smokiness to every dish!”

Miranda Medeiros attends the grand opening of Benny & Co. at 201 St-Jacques Street in the Old Port

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