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Emmanuel Darmond

Mike Cohen stops by the kosher Deli Boyz at Quartier Cavendish

    I have lived most of my life in the City of Côte Saint-Luc so when it came time to go to a restaurant close by for dinner or pickup, the Famous Delly Boys always won out. Owners Sonny and Chico made some great smoked meat sandwiches and had other signature items such as the pizza burger. The iconic spot shut its doors for good in 2015 after 53 years in business.

    Three years ago Emmanuel Darmond purchased the kosher Sorsky’s Deli at the Quartier Cavendish food court and he renamed it the Deli Boyz. “It is a nostalgic name,” Emmanuel told me when I stopped by recently for a bite. “The spelling is different and we do not use the word ‘Famous,’ and we think it has caught on.”