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Kevin Fung

By Tony Medeiros

Billy Berenholc, the previous proprietor, has successfully transferred ownership of Lester’s to the accomplished Montreal-based chef and restaurateur, Kevin Fung. Under this new leadership, the establishment is poised for remarkable growth and expansion not only within the country but also on an international scale.

Having completed the acquisition, Kevin Fung is brimming with ambitious ideas to propel Lester’s to new heights. With his exceptional culinary expertise and proven track record in the restaurant industry, he envisions a bright future for the beloved eatery. By infusing his unique vision and flair into the brand, Fung is determined to take Lester’s to new culinary frontiers, delighting patrons with innovative dishes and unmatched dining experiences.

One of the focal points of Kevin Fung’s expansion plan is to solidify Lester’s presence across the nation. He aims to open new branches in strategic locations, tapping into various markets and sharing the restaurant’s delectable offerings with a wider audience. This move is expected to bolster Lester’s reputation as a culinary hotspot and contribute to the brand’s long-standing legacy.

Fung’s ambitions do not end within the borders of the country. He has his sights set on establishing Lester’s as a recognizable international brand, making it a global ambassador of exceptional cuisine and dining excellence. By setting up branches in key international cities and tourist destinations, Fung intends to attract a diverse clientele and introduce Lester’s mouthwatering creations to culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

With over three decades of experience in the food & beverage industry, Kevin Fung possesses a remarkable track record of delivering outstanding customer service and ensuring satisfaction. As a seasoned expert in this field, Kevin’s versatility shines through, showcasing his extensive knowledge across all aspects of the restaurant industry and franchising. His continuous pursuit of innovation drives him to explore new avenues and expand into diverse markets. Thriving on challenges, trend-setting, and embracing cutting-edge projects, Kevin approaches his work with independence, self-motivation, and a keen eye for detail. He holds a strong commitment to incorporating social and environmental responsibilities into his work, demonstrating genuine care for the planet and his valued customers.

With the seamless transition of ownership and Fung’s unwavering dedication, patrons can expect the same warm and inviting atmosphere that made Lester’s a beloved institution while experiencing fresh and exciting culinary offerings. Under Kevin Fung’s innovative stewardship, the future of Lester’s is undoubtedly promising, and food enthusiasts both within the country and beyond eagerly await the unfolding of this exciting new chapter in the restaurant’s history.