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The ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea: Canada’s newest health beverage taking the market by storm

The ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea: Canada’s newest health beverage taking the market by storm.

Unique among many other sparkling beverages in the world, ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea ( is quickly gaining notice for its delicious taste and its multitude of health benefits, it is the elixir of life as the ancient Greeks would say.

The ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea sparkling beverage is made with imported organic and naturally caffeine-free Greek tea herbs, produced from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the flowers known as Sideritis-Scardica. This cold-brewed & fermented sparkling healthy beverage is bottled in Canada in a BRC certified facility (the highest safety accreditation in the food/beverage sector), With no added sugar, only 30 calories per bottle, clarified lemon juice, and never any preservatives, Tsai’s stands very high as a clean label brand.

It is the 1st drink of its kind in the entire world.

TSAI can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day or evening and presently comes in three natural flavors:  citrus and ginseng; ginger and honey; and peach-apricot & turmeric. The cold-brewing process allows time, rather than temperature, to release the flavors, then combined with the symbiotic fermentation, following which the beverage is pasteurized (to meet microbial safety norms and avoid using artificial preservatives) and at the end; a light carbonization is added to maximize a refreshing and enjoyable effervescence cooling sensation to the tasty natural tea drink.

“Our tea was founded on a simple premise… to share with as many people as possible something that we were blessed to grow up with – consuming the natural benefits of those non-GMO plants and herbs introduced by our Greek-immigrant parents, and we also believe that every human being has the right to have access to good nutritious food and beverages,” said company President Manny Favas, who established Tsai Greek Mountain Tea in June  2018 after 1 year of R&D.

“In the case of these plants,” Mr. Favas continued, “the Greeks believed they contained numerous health benefits and therapeutic qualities, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which now has been well documented throughout the world, that enable us to continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle. As a consequence, we are eager to share our Mediterranean inspired diet that has helped formulate this healthy tea. Our focus is to continue to produce the best food and beverages possible, to continue our rich heritage and share it with the world.”

Based in Montreal, The ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea is always proud to get involved in charitable causes and many community activities benefitting the less fortunate.

Our mission – Continue the centuries of tradition and combine it with 21st-century technology.

The beverages can be purchased individually and soon in 4 packs. They are presently available at select retailers and restaurants across Canada.

To learn more about the brand, log on to and follow the company on  Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.