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Miranda Medeiros

Miranda Medeiros and her friend Kate try a new fried chicken burger with jalapeños, created by Chef Martin Juneau for Benny&Co.

    Miranda and her friend Kate were generously invited to the grand introduction of Chef Martin Juneau to Benny&Co. in Old Montreal. There was excitement in the air, the grand unveiling of the fried chicken burger with jalapeños created by Chef Martin Juneau set all hungry eyes upon this new creation. The chicken burger has always been in the backdrop for chicken restaurants unless chicken burgers are your main meal. Benny&Co. with the help of Chef Martin Juneau has created a far superior chicken burger that comes to the forefront as a standalone meal.

    Miranda Medeiros tries 49th Parallel coffee and Lucky’s Doughnuts

      A beloved coffee franchise from British Columbia makes its way to Montreal. The 49th Parallel opened its doors in Old Montreal this summer with delicious and sustainably sourced coffee along with to-die-for doughnuts.

      The 49th Parallel serves a diverse coffee menu using beans from their own cutting-edge roastery. Not only is this spot a no-brainer for a good cup of coffee but it is the scene for some premiere gourmet doughnuts made fresh throughout the day. These doughnuts are hand-crafted culinary delights from Vancouver-based Lucky’s Doughnuts.

      Miranda Medeiros attends the grand opening of Benny & Co. at 201 St-Jacques Street in the Old Port

        Benny & Co. is the triumph of generations of hard-working Quebecers. The seeds of this local franchise were first planted back in the 1940s where the Benny family would raise chicken on their family farm where they began making their renowned rotisserie chicken. Using their own family recipe, their delectable chicken was then shared with the public when they opened their first restaurant in 1960. Since then, generations of Benny’s have taken up the helm and now have expanded the farm into a 68-branch franchise, with the newest location in Montreal’s Old Port.

        Miranda Medeiros has breakfast at Allô Mon Coco Sources

          I recently went out with a friend and enjoyed a meal at Allô Mon Coco Sources. The restaurant décor was cute, polished, and charming with its breakfast inspired designs. It was a nice friendly place, clean and modern. The servers we had, Steve and Laura, were friendly and fun. Laura was especially lovely with her bright smile and bubbly personality, my friend started referring to her as ‘the angel’.